Later it was rumored that the Goblin had returned only and that the youngsters who had been kicking the doll already had died, also that a policeman had booted you three same hairs of the hair of the Goblin that I keep in its portfolio as of good luck proving otherwise, as it was already very serious health among other many false stories. The person who found it name Fernando N told this reporter last night, not knowing that it was being interviewed at her home for the press, which was not true for the doll that was found in the mine of sand and gravel where he works to have life, that a month ago, he was working when he found him buried and that the box had been destroyed in that camethat to have it in your hands was account that brought a stone from green in his morralito aside to continue in their work, serious when it came the time of his departure from work when taking it to take it to his home he realized that no longer had the aforementioned stone. To ask him that if true was earlier described that rumored people, he replied that it was not true, that he knew who had invented it. To broaden your perception, visit financial technology. Likewise asked if I knew the name of the doll and its origin, responding that not and that it was false that the puppet speak. Occasion that We like to take photos at the Elf Fachan, is attached to this information.

Finally inform that on our own we initiated a research and find reliable information that is an Elf, of Nordic and Germanic mythology with appearance of man, made of fabric, plastic and sponge. Identified with the name of Fachan, attributed to that power to absorb the negative energy is part of a collection of 47 Elves little men and owed (elfinas), which attributed them to attract money, health, wealth, power, peace, love etc etc. Each of them, removed the mitomana imagination and dexterity of Pep Catala its manufacturer, who received the description of a pastor’s elderly, who swore to see them in the field where pastored his flock of sheep in the North of Europe playing around about 50 different, and supported characters in books of European mythology which documents to the Elves about their appearanceIt should be noted that the Elf that attribute that it attracts its possessor the power has known red face of the devil. Thus, in the last 5 years have woven in various parts of the world thousands of false stories of super powers that attract these dolls, which are sold from 34 euros, and this has served to its manufacturer to extend its market to several countries of South America, selling and spreading deception presuming that in Mexico has been sold more, according to its website..