The permanent exhibition “Experiminta” in Frankfurt am Main has now published its workshop and lecture program for fall 2011 participation exhibition “Experiminta” in Frankfurt – mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology to be touched. Experiminta is a Science Center for mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology. Prof. Dr. Horst Schmidt Bocking makes the beginning of science lecture series on Wednesday, August 24th at 18.30 “Otto Stern and his molecular beam method.” This admission is free. It follow the themes of “Hans Bethe, the great pioneer of Atomic and nuclear physics” (7.9, Prof. Dr. Peter Thiel understood the implications.

Horst Schmidt Bocking), “how fast is light? -Measuring the speed of light using the method of gear”(12.10, Prof. Dr. Roger ERB),”New ways to store electricity generated by wind power and Solarvoltaik”(23, Prof. Dr. Horst Schmidt Bocking) and”people and stories to exhibits of Experiminta”(5.12, Dr. Klaus Nick). Details online at, lectures, and visitor information. While the lectures primarily for adults are intended, addressed the workshop program on children and young people in the age group of 5 to 13, divided into groups of 5 to 7, 8 to 10 and 11 to 13 color workshop, volcano workshop, chemistry from the kitchen, workshop optics and Numerology are just a few of the many topics.

The complete workshop program can be found on the website. The registration is done online, the costs are between 10 and 17 euros. “With our workshop and lecture program we take the next step now to round out our didactic concept”, said the Chairman of the Forderverein Experiminta, Norbert Christian. “We have since March over 40,000 visitors can count our opening and are confident to be able to continue this success.” Touching the exhibits is strongly encouraged in the Experiminta other than in museums. The exhibition invites playful dealing mainly with the laws of mechanics, mathematics and optics. The hundred experimental stations include hoists, wind tunnels, and an artificial tornado.