If we went back in history the contamination it initiates when the man discovers the fire, agravated by the industrial development. There is an endless ones of products that we used on a daily basis, apparently inoffensive; but that in the long term ends up making damage not only in the atmosphere (at climatic level); but also concerning all alive organism. The technological development has much to do with I mistreat that Earth is occurring him to the Planet; but also it is necessary to recognize that the other side of the technology exists that worries not to contaminate. Day to day is dedicated to study the form of how continuing advancing without destroying the world that we lived and often successfully. One of those successful projects, is the electrical car. With this one system we are diminishing to a large extent the air pollution; besides being a new form to reduce the expenses of fuel that in order month are made presents.

It is known that the sewers of escape of the automobiles release to the atmosphere tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). In a century has increased considerably the concentration of this one gas; that he is one of the fundamental members of global overheating, known like greenhouse effect. The objective of the care of the atmosphere, demands automobiles that work in ascptica and more efficient form; like for example the electrical car. The electricity is being constituted in the more promissory power plant from the point of view of the environmental preservation, since it does not have any type of toxic emanation. As it spends the time of experimentation with this one system, the costs day to day are seen more and more reduced. The vehicles of the future will be smaller, less polluting and of green color. Here you will find like transforming a fuel car to un” car elctrico” ; articles of quality for the care of the body, the mind and the spirit; besides other sections like being: Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Health and more.