By Ernesto Partida Pedroza One of the great confusion in education is on the quality and quantity. Politicians often confuse the two terms. In the presidential campaign was asked about which candidate would do to raise the quality of education, it said that you should first plug the leaks in the classroom with such as could not have quality. It is often thought that in so far as it has all the best equipment and facilities in schools will be better quality. There are many schools, especially private ones usually have everything and do not have quality material. On the contrary, there are schools that do not have all required material and yet have quality. In the history we have the Greeks that they had no had no classrooms, no Internet, radio or television. They had no mating we have today and yet it was they who created the foundation of what today is Western civilization.

What did the Greeks? What they did was start zero, everything had looked around and began to wonder about what he had in view, both teachers asked the students. They could not answer all the questions were answered but many, of these exists as a witness the large number of books that were written at that time. Raided in all fields of science and the arts and the training was comprehensive in that it was possible to know everything, which is now impossible for the great wealth of information. What do the Mexicans? Mexicans do not look at what is before our eyes, what we do is look at the eyes of others.