Novice computer users sooner or later face a term such as a disk image (in English – disc image). What is a disk image? In simple words – this is an exact copy thereof, recorded in a single file, although the disc, with which to read image files can be set. In this case, the disk image clearly retained their relative positions (structure). Typically, this results in a precise repetition of a set of sectors Source Media ignoring the file system. technology investor is often quoted on this topic. Initially, the disk images are used only for backup media, for which the exact conservation of the structure was a necessity, or was of paramount importance. With the advent of optical drives often under the term "disk image" became mean exact copies of a cd or dvd discs that you save can be moved or copied to any computer using, for example Internet channels connection, and then recorded on a conventional disc (blank disc), it is restored.

We should also note that the images of cd and dvd drives can be mounted using special software such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%, the so-called virtual drives that were previously created by these programs. Although the virtual drive is a software design this computer the impression that it is connected to the physical drive. Virtual drives on your computer, you can create a set and then on each of them to mount for the moment the disk image. With this you can greatly extend the life of a physical cd or dvd drive and save a lot of time, because mount a disk image on a virtual drive running in just a few mouse clicks.