Correct and correct estimate – it is hundreds of positions. More info: financial technology. For every single kind of work has its own rate, carefully selected and placed in the general context. Nowadays, time is expensive, and sometimes mistakes are inexcusable, and to automate the process of budgeting to help them come to quantity surveyor – Estimated program. So what program to choose It would seem obvious what: comfortable, functional, having a pleasing appearance (interface) working with all known regulatory databases and so on. It would seem that the estimated program it in Africa – estimated program. But it turned out not so simple. Users very much, each has its own requirements, their preferences.

Estimated programs accordingly also not one, not two and not three, and every developer tries to improve its software, making it as comfortable as possible for its users. As practice shows, if a person has studied a program of cost estimates, he will work in it, and it does not matter, whether it be good, handy if there are any better or worse. User is accustomed to his program and he was not interested in anything more. It happens that users know the estimated number of programs, which is especially useful when applying for a job because the organization does not need to buy the program for new employees and spent on his training. How many people, so many opinions. It turns out that all programs “comfortable, functional, reliable, and so forth.” But it is not. There are so-called statistics software users. She never advertised, but some developers publish such information on their products.

On the basis of these statistics, we can understand what the program budget estimators generally give their preference. For all of Russia or in a particular region. Based on his experience, I will say that in Moscow and the Moscow region is dominated by the program – Developer Stroysoft behind it is a software product company DatBazis “Turbosmetchik (construction expert) and then the products on an equal footing: Rick, Hector, WinSmeta, Wizard, Grand, etc. But still Total sales concede all together. Perhaps the most that is the best recommendation. A very important point when choosing a budget program in its support: How often are updates Easy or not receive telephone counseling Is the program expensive to maintain How quickly users get the actual conversion rates Do all the necessary standards are present in the program and so on, this the list goes on and on site software developer has everything for high-quality technical support: News, information and construction of the world, latest updates, list of partners that could provide technical assistance and advice, and most importantly, the site has a forum where users communicate with each program and specialists Software developer constantly certification, as users and dealers, conducts courses and seminars, ie, fully involved in the professional lives of its users after buying the software. In this article, I did not describe its capabilities. Only told about the facts and my personal opinion. In a program to work you personally your decision.