Multi-tenancy and support for up to five distribution rules per booking. Coresystems Windisch, May 31, 2011, the specialist for innovative business solutions to effectively support business processes, expands the scope of coresuite cube with the current update. The additional functions dimensions include the installation of multiple clients, the support of the new manual distribution rules, as well as the addition of four additional distribution rule. In the Sales cube, also information from the purchasing area be considered now. Existing customers will automatically benefit from the innovations. coresuite cube is offered as standard product for SAP business one and is in two versions available (Sales cube and finance-cube).

Generally can be categorized with coresuite cube analysis and create reports without technical background knowledge. After installation the user has available in the pull down menu, already the most important reports for data analysis available. They can always individually adapted and quickly and easily any be extended. In 10 seconds, it is possible, for example, to create a sales analysis of all articles about different countries including designation of quantity and margin per year, month, day, or a certain period of time. Accesses the coresuite cube in Microsoft Excel as the user interface. Easily versatile analysis with pivot capabilities can be put together and save user-friendly. The major design options from Microsoft Excel are also coresuite cube available.

Colored designed charts, bar, or circles with a few mouse clicks take reports in each case statement. Time savings through analysis subscriptions for regularly required reports can be set up in coresuite cube-defined subscriptions. E-mail a Managing Director on the first day of the month receives then for example a sales manager every Monday sales figures of last week, the sales figures of the previous month and the Board of Directors the liquidity overview per quarter. Multi-tenancy enables coresuite cube now Cross-database analysis. This comprehensive business analyses that are involving subsidiaries and overseas branches.