The example of this hipertextual writing is the Wikipedia. Links bidirectional considered in the idea of Nelson of hipertexto can be modified and the constant conectividade between documents points out the possibility of collective construction of the texts in the Wikipedia. Collective is a on concept directly to the one of interaction and the School of the Symbolic Interacionismo brings an adequate definition of a situation of effectively interactive communication (Aquino) the interdependence enters the actors of the communication in the interaction provides a interatividade. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. The practical hipertextual of the Web is not interactive, in the direction that we are placing here and as Aquino strengthens: In accordance with the rules of the Interacionismo, are not possible to consider the practical hipertextual of the Internet of as today effectively interactive.

This because the user of the net does not interact total in the pages, that is, it does not possess the possibility of if revealing creating new links, but he acts of limited form, choosing ways that will take it the places predetermined for the programmers of the pages (Aquino, online p 10) the possibility of the hipertextual writing of collective form, is only possible for hipertexto cooperative. A communication situation that makes possible the interaction, that is, reciprocal performance of its actors, without this if cannot say in cooperative and collective. Emphasizing the collective construction of knowledge, the Wikipedia is presented as one real possibility of the users to participate of the tessitura of the teia of us of the Internet as already it affirmed previously. Created in 1995, for Ward Cunningham, the system wiki (that it means ‘ ‘ rpido’ ‘ in the Hava) script functions through one installed in the server allowing that any user of the Internet can modify/to edit the content of the pages that function inside of this system, without the previous authorization of the author of the page, what it finishes making with that all are authors and that the text never has a definitive version, but that it is in constant modification.. io-ackman-hedge-fund-legends-tell-a.