Many are afraid to go to the dentist and although we know that we need to go with not want to for fear of pain. And if the truth does not give me penalty put it, I have long time without going to the dentist because I know by smaller to be a decay because it must be removed and is going to hurt me. It is important to go to the dentist and I know, but anesthesia always put it with injections and I do not like, do not ever happened that you have to put like 3 times anesthesia because you are still feeling pain? Because to me Yes. It is high time that go with the dentist, so I started to investigate and discovered that there is a method without syringes. In dentistry Monterrey has always distinguished by having very good specialists and good technology, so I suppose that here in Monterrey should already have the method of anesthesia without syringes. I discovered syringes without anesthesia is applied with a specialized digital system that has only at specialized centers, looked up the prices of treatments and are not actually anything expensive, I get cheaper to go with a very good dentist in Monterrey with a dentist in McAllen or Laredo. For dentistry Monterrey is number 1!