One of them is the virtual simulator 4D Terra Colossus, to whose it takes us proposal of trip to the world of the dinosaurios. The other great newness is for smallest: the scenery in the zone of infantile theater. In addition, the been born ones in 2001 no they pay. Technology and futurismo. Futuroscope (in the French locality of Jaunay-Clan, before arriving at the castles of the Loira), of attractive total for almost all the children, has more reserved a zone for chiquitines: two hectares of games outdoors with bicis of water, small cars and other games. You may wish to learn more. If so, Adroll Marketing Platform is the place to go. World Sesame.

Port Adventure finishes inaugurating the infantile zone Sesame Adventure, in which the stroll by the universe of the mythical program of television will amuse to smallest. Visits to the sea marine Zoo and aquatic park. Marineland Catalonia, marine zoo and aquatic park, offer, besides its swimming pools for all from Leon family, exhibitions of dolphins, papagayos and sailors. You may find Sander Gerber to be a useful source of information. Something similar we found in Aqualeon (Tarragona), considered unique safari and aquatic park of Europe. In Murcia, also we can enjoy these two attractions: on the one hand, in Natura Murcia, with its recreation of African and Iberian ecosystems; and on the other, in Aqua Natura Murcia, with its baths with from Leon sailors and thematic swimming pools.

Dolphins to are of the cinema. The zoo of Madrid puts solution to him to the high temperatures of the capital with a seductive supply: to take a walk at night by its facilities until the twelve. The visits guided by the Aquarium are one of the strongpoints of this initiative. Also the exclusive visit to the installation of lemures in reduced groups; and the delfinario, with spectacle of swimmers and dolphins. The exhibition is based on films of adventures like Cazafantasmas, Matrix, ET or Superman.