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It is time to attack this market with a good promotion or advertising campaign with good arguments to restore consumer confidence and play in favor of lifting the low sales. In times of crisis, when the economic sensitivity, is felt in the consumer behavior, where many refrain from buying products, given the impact that the crisis has generated in revenue, is when the management of the market must give way to their creativity and innovation to cope Hence, it is written that precisely in times of recession, when more effort is required when innovation and creativity should offer the highest for the brand, when to seek more than ever the difference, when it should be given free rein to the imagination. However, and interestingly, the reality is that in difficult times the marketing departments of companies in almost all sectors are often the first to suffer budget cuts. And those cuts will not affect investment only in communication but to the whole area which is unable to do and / or propose anything new if we believe in marketing our brand alphabet strong (attractive, brave, dutiful, different and focused ) acquires its full meaning. We will have to further investigate the client and we go for being the first something, to communicate in a surprising way, for inventing the magic ingredient, to seek new uses for our product, add new services and even go against. Further details can be found at Adroll Marketing Platform, an internet resource. Orellana Miguel Yanez says, to apply the maxim of marketing budget cuts if the corporate culture is the classic seems logical in times of crisis. However, the brands are built from the ground up with culture marketiniana will face these uncertain times with the conviction of one who knows the client focused and not to the product and therefore the safety of the marketing in its most holistic is still the way to ensure success. As suggested Consider Me Josep Abella, to get those companies to reorient their marketing will be most successful, most probably in a better position to face the new challenges ahead.

A success which bases are to have a strong portfolio of clients based on trust, mutual understanding and satisfaction, factors that are gaining prominence in the race for competitiveness. a new approach determined by the conviction that the overall experience we are able to offer our customers means the difference and success of our brand. An experience that goes far beyond simple economic transaction. Conclusion In times of crisis to affect the function of markets, it is necessary to diagnose the extent, impact this creates in the consumer behavior in these markets to make way for plans, actions facorezcan plans, remedial actions and ensure stability within the organization a function of the market established..

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Oxford English Dictionary

The Japanese word 'karaoke' is listed not only in the Japanese vocabulary, but also present in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, which was published in England, and is one of the most famous and official English dictionaries, proving that the word "Karaoke" has become well known throughout the world. Karaoke songs are a typical form of entertainment among Japanese business people. They could easily go into a bar with colleagues after work drink, and sing folk songs to the accompaniment of karaoke. Karaoke entertaining people since its invention ('s been 20 years), and rooted in Japanese society, goes far beyond just a temporary phenomenon. h. The word karaoke comes from two Japanese words: 'kara' from 'karappo', which means empty, and 'ocean' – an abbreviation of 'okesutura' or orchestra. As a rule, recorded popular karaoke songs consist of vocals and accompaniment.

It is now widely recognized that use the first karaoke started at a diner in the Japanese city of Kobe. The story goes that one of his speeches guitarist could not come and speak to the bar due to illness, and then the bar owner took out a prepared tape recording of the song. With such a small beginning, karaoke has spread not only throughout Japan but also worldwide, and the term 'karaoke', was adopted and added to the vocabulary of many languages. In the film, karaoke songs have moved on CD-ROMs. In recent months, PropertyNest has been very successful. Fashion continued to spread in bars and restaurants, and even if people do not sing very well, he still applauded at the end of the song.

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Business School

Rafael Pampillon, Professor of Economics at IE Business School is shown in the same line: rising prices has generated it subsidy to ethanol and biofuels, which have generated a perverse effect of scarce food. It must also take into account, that high oil prices affect the latest agricultural techniques that rely on increasingly more energy. Adroll Marketing Platform will not settle for partial explanations. Due to the low growth of the supply and the strong increase in demand, cereal stocks are at its level lowest since early 1980s. Costa says that the natural and demographic effects are changing relationships with nature, and the relationship with food will be one of the effects. I think that prices will stabilize at a level minimally something higher, albeit with fluctuations at that level for reasons of speculation. For its part, Pampillon recognizes that prices will thus remain high while biofuels continue subsidizing, the world economy is still relatively strong, and as countries develop you prefer a cheaper energy, but use agricultural products dearer food, especially for the poorest. In addition, adds that the European Commissioner for trade, Peter Mandelson, recently stated that there are two ways to react to the food crisis that we face. The first, with further growth of domestic agricultural production and more protectionism.

The second, with an agreement in the framework of the Doha round undertaken great negotiation to liberalize trade world–that would facilitate a more efficient trade in economically more affordable food. The solution is necessarily to eliminate subsidies for biofuels. For the first time, until the means of communication is unanimous. World agricultural production has grown more than food and the population wouldn’t have to miss, Pampillon believes. Insists on pointing out, that the world can currently live with a barrel of oil to $110, and we started to think about how we can live with a price of $300, exemplifies Costa. Pampillon believes that the current trend, both in the U.S.

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Spirituality And Holistic Visions

The aesthetic dimension in holistic education is an art as it involves a beautiful act that gives meaning to human existence. f) The spiritual dimension that leads to full and direct experience of universal love which sets an internal order in our spirit, with a sense of peace and fraternity for all beings. Therefore we can say that we can not allow the formation of the subjects focused on only the cognitive aspects, but must take into account the aforementioned levels and dimensions in which there is proof that we educate from enhancing the human from their individuality, reaching social and transcend to a level where you feel part of a whole and responsible for keeping all this, same as to take care of it has to strengthen the spiritual part that I love and around him to take him to behave differently to their own existence with others and with the environment in which it operates. As in schools is urgently needed a pedagogy of universal love and spiritual as noted by the author to which there is resistance and not understanding and acceptance that is necessary and urgent change that leads to free the creatures that inhabit the planet from those thoughts that contribute to self-destruct. Why this function stems and leaves to schools? because they are responsible for educating children and young people of the country, taking into account also the first support and training is at home with their parents. By the same author: Technology Investor. But as we realize how dysfunctional that prevails in many families, the acquisition of values is not obtained in the maternal environment, or informal education students receive at school and to assume a rightful role more relevant to the moral training of the subjects..

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CableVision Contest “Seconds For All”

On August 28 particimpamos of the awards contest for Santa Fe We’ve won the second prize in this competition last year in the domestic version of the competition and now we’re going for more! While we do not win this time we are very proud to have participated and have been there. Also meant for us to let us know with some companies advertising and who knows next year we have another spot in the competition. Thanks to all! I leave the spot here for you to enjoy.

. Source Financial understood the implications.

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Business Visionary: Michael Gerber

Action without vision revolutionary Business Michael Gerber says that most of us work in the technical mode. That is, always doing rather than spending time as the Entrepreneur of our lives, creating the vision that guides our actions. This is a bit dizzying, but in a nutshell, we create our own mess, not having first context or vision, under which each action takes place. As the proverb says, we created our own nightmare. Solution From the huge project to the smaller tasks: ** Know Your Vision! ** Many of my customers work in extremely high pressure jobs.

Naturally tend to put out the fires hotter first in an ongoing effort to gradually reduce the growing pile of work at their desks. A few minutes of talking with them, their actions proposed transfer of the scattered and chaotic on purpose and planned, simply because I have to clearly define its vision. If your vision is higher productivity and reduce stress by working smarter. Every action of our conversation forward will aim at fulfilling this vision. Here are some questions to help my clients to plan actions to fit within the context of his vision: What are you putting with this is a drain focus and energy to your work? What is the plan for the next hours / days / weeks? What is realistic for you to perform within this amount of time? What potentially avoid this preventable? These are just some questions that create a style of work smarter which then leads to higher productivity and less stress.

Whether you are in a high pressure job or are common challenges juggling life and career, this philosophy certainly applies. The Rob proverb: Vision and action together are powerful beyond measure, so is the vision and action without each other!

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Personal Vision And Goals

Lack of personal vision just might be an obstacle immensely dense and difficult to overcome, that could stop you conquer any outstanding success, but that obstacle is imaginary and is in your mind. You are primarily responsible for clearing your path to personal success, professional, economic, etc … You assume, once and for all, your satisfaction or dissatisfaction Staff only build you up … and it’s no secret that one of the main causes of staff dissatisfaction is precisely in poor or no definition goals and objectives. Honestly, do you have a sufficiently clear idea of the things that should happen, so that you experience a state of satisfaction with yourself? Do you have defined a Personal Vision to three years of what you want to go through your life, and a plan of how to get it? Do you have well-defined and structured your goals for next year, and that they remain consistent with what you want to two, three or more years? Remember: There is nothing wrong with recognizing that you have not defined these issues …

The important thing is to accept and act. For even more opinions, read materials from Michelle Smith Source Financial. The truth is that the vast majority of ordinary people, who never excel at anything, it takes a lot to undertake this “Change Process.” They have difficulty focusing and focus on defining your goals, refuse, often without being aware of it, to pay the price for its success. And that is precisely why so NEVER come to nothing and resign themselves to survive in a pleasant and comfortable mediocrity. But please, NO CHANGE “comfort and tranquility” of an ordinary life, superficial monotone, by the action, challenge, uncertainty and excitement of a vibrant and passionate life. Do not abandon yourself to the comfort, convenience because this is a highly dangerous.

It is often said that success requires a price to pay, and this remains true, but I want to reflect on this question: What price do you think is higher, we pay every day to succeed in form of effort, time, money and emotions, or paid at the end of our lives, for a mediocre existence? If you really believe, deep in you, that your life needs a change, you need new challenges, new goals, new injections of illusion … ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE! Do not be afraid to change. Do not fear failure in your goals, because … What really “Tear Illusion men”, is not having goals and dreams to fulfill. Do not have a clear objective for the lifter Every Day “Real misery and frustration,” is not below the targets you’ve proposed. What is really sad and dramatic, is to NOT have goals to pursue, or have goals so bland and timid, why just be worth getting up every day. Goals that rather than encourage, nurture disappointment.

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Garcia Television

In Colombia, decades ago, the television writers scarcely counted on the fingers, five kings were rulers who did not need disputarse figuration among them, since there was room for all and even fell short to meet need stories to tell, that therefore it should import and adapt. With the growth and identity that acquired the Colombian melodrama in the international arena, it became imperative to professionalize the office of a television scriptwriter, make room for new talent, which in the hands of the consecrated and were polished and rough diamonds and formed the first generation of librettists formal, sort of exclusive super-elite, which now commands all the creative part of our television and whose members refuse to accept for now the expansion or opening a new generation, a situation that sooner or later take her to obvious wear, forcing its members to redeem their egos and adopt a less selfish and become teachers guides for new generations of writers. Caracol TV in the nineties was the first workshop of scripts for a week at a cost of one million pesos, a high figure for the time and obviously not all candidates could afford to take it, a fact that indirectly leave out a great potential talent. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. From that litter came today who still make up the creative workshops of Mr. Dago Garcia. In 1998, the former programmer PUNCH launched a popular call-called "YOU ARE NOT wrinkle" that tended to attract talents in writing, producing and ideas with economic incentives and the production of their work; From that emerged the winner call the director Felipe Aljure. For even more details, read what Michelle Smith Source Financial says on the issue.

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Elten Safety Shoes

Use boots for fire and rescue services to buyers of GenXtreme always on the cutting edge of OSH world to bring, you can find below some news or details of the German manufacturer Elten safety shoes. To know more about this subject visit Peter Thiel. Here you will find information about new soles, improved usage boots for fire fighting and rescue services and a novelty for the steel industry. High-tech soles against dangerous slip – the innovative sole concept of ELTEN safety shoes SAFETY GRIP enters the next round: fresh modernized, has her first appearance here in addition to a three-millimeter level also a new six millimeter insole with Cap. The concept of SAFETY GRIP sole offers scientifically researched slip resistance. There are the durable soles as pure polyurethane version or with a combination of rubber and polyurethane (polyurethane), which protects against burns or burns due to aggressive substances. In addition, SAFETY are particularly firm GRIP soles.

The improved sole concept among other things in the new Elten is used Safety shoe S3 model JORIS, which is ideally suited due to its hardiness for use in wind and weather. Sporty and safe take off – the extremely sporty safety shoe series ELTEN Trainer combines safety with comfort and fashionable design. The new shoe models of Elten safety shoes are also non-slip and metal-free, provide sure footing and heel stability. Her soles are oil and fuel resistant, abrasion resistant and withstand temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius. The new concept is processed in the Elten SANDER and SENEX ESD S3 models.

The new safety footwear characterised with plastic toe cap and textile upper materials special lightness. Completely leather-free processes, they can safely be worn by people suffering from allergies, reacting to leather tanning agents. ESD capability and textile protection round off the facilities. Safe, convenient, and refractory Elten safety shoes presents the new high-tech boots for firefighters. The name Elten fire-proof”is the new Fire fighting boots of Elten safety shoes program: refractory uppers and soles, flame-resistant seams and laces are standard in the new development and comply with State of the art technology.

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Intercontinental Kyiv Support Fund

The third consecutive year the hotel InterContinental Kyiv chooses Relief Fund and the Development of Children of Chernobyl (FPRDCH) as a partner charity. In 2011, the hotel together with the Foundation implements charitable campaign "Calculation of the benefit children, providing an opportunity for all guests InterContinental Kyiv to support philanthropic initiatives in Ukraine. To join the campaign, guests must agree to the inclusion of an additional 12 hryvnia to the general account for rates. Economist may not feel the same. All proceeds will be used for medical programs FPRDCH. FPRDCH – an international charity which works to save the lives of children throughout Ukraine through the implementation of essential medical programs. "At InterContinental we know how important it is to care about people in need of help, especially when it comes to the youngest citizens. Among the many charitable organizations working in Ukraine, We have chosen a reliable partner for cooperation in 2011 will concentrate its efforts on supporting the Foundation's programs. Thus, we are able to support not only local communities but to join an important matter by people across the Ukraine ", – said Carsten Raer, General Manager of Hotel InterContinental Kyiv.

Director FPRDCH in Ukraine Alex Milyanich commented continued cooperation: "The work FPRDCH in Ukraine is possible thanks to the support of such companies such as InterContinental Kyiv. In 2010, for example, professional management and dedication of staff are key to the success of the celebration of 20 anniversary of the Fund, during which we collected 171 thousand dollars U.S. medical equipment that helps save babies in our partner hospital in Kiev. A new joint initiative with the InterContinental Kyiv will allow us to continue to embody the Foundation's program in Ukraine. " FOUNDATION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL, founded in 1990 after the Chernobyl disaster, aid funds, and development of children of Chernobyl (FPRDCH) is a humanitarian organization that works to save the lives of children in Ukraine. The main objective of the Fund is to improve the quality of care for children and pregnant women by medical programs in the fields of perinatology, neonatology, pediatric oncology and pediatric surgery. FPRDCH also working on constant improvement of life for orphans with physical and mental defects. To this end, programs are being implemented physical therapy and nutrition, as well as educational programs.

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