The Hallmarks

But the fire-proof Elten offers much more: as the high-quality fire fighting boots with the second generation of the sole technology safety grip is equipped and offers incomparable protection against slips so that according to the latest scientific findings. Quality, safety and comfort are the hallmarks of the foot protection concepts of Elten safety shoes. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. This also applies to the new safety boots for firefighters. The fire-proof Elten was developed with a special look at working practices and is more comfortable to wear even for long operations. This is made possible by the modern safety-grip soles, which supports the natural rolling process and significantly reduces fatigue so.

This special sole technology is combined with 6.5 mm tread depth and a in the latest generation of a particularly robust and non-slip decking Steep front heel provides a secure grip on the ladder rungs of fire-proof of Elten safety shoes, good stability in every situation. And thanks to a special rubber compound not so easy enters slipping the outsole also on smooth or wet surfaces and withstands temperatures up to 300 degrees for a short time. In terms of comfort, the new Elten fire-proof white to score. A flexible heel bend, bort insoles and soft padding in the shank, ankle and tabs – collar area prevent pressure sores and promote mobility even after several hours. In addition, keeps a modern climate membrane dry and warm the foot even when wind and weather, lets him breathe but still. A further highlight: The new fire-proof of Elten safety shoes offers also certified cut protection in addition to a reliable protection against Burns according to DIN EN ISO 17249 and is therefore also well suited for clearing operations, such as when the use of scissors and spreader may be necessary for traffic accidents. High-quality fireproof and waterproof leather, practical reflectors and a replaceable combination zipper at the new Firefighter boots of Elten safety shoes but not only provide security and comfort, but let him look really great.

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