The main qualitative characteristics of pigments yavlyatsya: * dispersion (fineness), which determines the smoothness of the film; * Oil absorption – the amount of oil needed for cooking pasta colorful of 100 grams of pigment * coverage – the ability of pigment to hide the painted surface underneath the film, it is determined by the number grams of ink expended on the surface of 1 m * coloring power – the ability of pigment to give its inherent color of the mixture, in which it is introduced * Solubility – the ability of some pigments dissolved in various solvents. For even more opinions, read materials from Brad Pitt. Natural (mineral) pigments are finely powdered material obtained from various minerals and rocks, and subjected to enrichment or heat treatment. In mostly colored oxides or salts of minerals. These include chalk, ocher, graphite, iron ocher and other synthetic inorganic pigments are the largest group of pigments. They are the result of complex chemical reactions, and this group is almost entirely composed of salts and metal oxides. This group includes lead, zinc and titanium white, vermilion, chrome oxide, etc. Synthetic organic pigments are colored organic compounds that contain carbon.

Usually they are insoluble or slightly soluble in water and other solvents. They are distinguished by light and atomosferostoykostyu, high coloring power and commonly used for internal decorative works. Resins are adhesives, synthetic, oil, emulsion and mineral compositions. Also applies to them a kind of colorful paints – farblaki. These pigments, produced by deposition of aniline dyes in the white (chalk, kaolin, talc, feldspar) basis. Metallic pigments (powdered) – powder made of a different color (copper, zinc, aluminum, bronze, etc.) or metal alloys. The mixture with binders (linseed oil, varnish), they are used for coloring metal surfaces corrosion, and adhesives – for bronzing, rolling and finishing of decorative art and painting. The most common on Today, aluminum powder and PAP-1 aluminum powder PAP-2, is also often used as a pigment, bronze powder. Encouraged not only to apply the powder with binders having a neutral or low acid number.

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Home Architect Home Design Deluxe

How to get into a new house program FloorPlan3D fairly simple, convenient and designed just for the design of flats, houses and cottages. All of the most daring design ideas come to mind, the program provides three-dimensional image. Ambient also be able to see your future home the way you see it. You can design an entirely new design, imagine how will look flat after redevelopment, what would be your vacation home at the end of its construction and finish. The program lets you choose to taste the windows, doors, plumbing, furniture, lamps, washing machine, refrigerator and other necessities. You will be able to get into a new house or apartment to date even before they will be set up, to walk through the rooms, view all, even the smallest details, to appreciate the convenience of planning, to realize how much you will be devised practical and comfortable for you and your family's life. may find this interesting as well.

FloorPlan3D help create photorealistic images of your interior, see how optimal are the colors, how soft and cozy lighting is designed as a harmonious and look beautiful textures selected your carpets, wallpaper, coverings. You can try a lot of different options to try, compare and choose the best. If you do not have a colorful imagination and come up with something for you to intractable challenges, we can use a library of standard interior, which is included in the program. Here you can choose ready-made projects for apartments and for the cottage. Pretty easy to use program ArCon Home, which used for constructing drawings, design and architectural design.

You can use it to design a space and landscape, and furniture. The program can be constructed stairs, roofs, to simulate the lighting, given the time and location, to present the results in three-dimensional image. With a simple software 3D Home Architect Home Design Deluxe to create a new interior design can be quite fast. Here is the full set of Tools to help you choose the color and wallpaper, and texture of floor coverings, and upholstery. Automatic warning of improper placement of the object will not let you make a mistake. You will be able to realize the most wildest imagination, experiment with selecting different kinds of textures, fabrics and colors. In addition, the program provides an opportunity to make a table to control costs, awaiting you in the way of creating your home dreams.

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