Edgar Morin

Thus, the industrial society introduced other fronts of attention, such as wages, labour relations, personal interest, accumulation of money and a theorist named Marx, whose thought should be analysed in these precise circumstances. But there is not always such radical changes they wrecking the old paradigms and introduce new. Now live a gradual slippage ranging from community to society, society individual isolated from global social alienation to personal alienation, from loneliness to a kind of reunion produced by means that technology has put at our disposal and by the irreversible process of globalization. It is what I have called the resurrection of the word ecumenism, reecumenizacion based on the re-discovery of the other somewhere else. Well, when there are Nations in serious processes, as politicians who imply a growing totalitarian control mechanism, people desahoga their discomfort without realizing it has that it is facing the danger from useless paradigms.

The dilemma in which add not supplied you sufficient elements for realizing, to determine what price is willing to pay, to understand that you must change look on reality if it wants to overcome its powerlessness that allows you to realize the change. Let us, therefore, to a conglomerate human with their beliefs to tell him that a new paradigm is established when the force cannot solve the riddles. And to tell you that often an inability to see outside the boundaries marked by the now useless paradigm. To exit the vicious circle should learn to think in another way, what is more difficult to split an atom, according to the expression of Einstein. For this reason, Edgar Morin began by talking of the need for a complex thought covering the dynamics of the whole. All paradigm is certainly temporary, hence social evolution. Well, for a paradigm shift it is now obvious that requires thinking. When a society ceases to do so and points the finger of contempt who do will inevitably crash against a wall made unmodifiable.

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Construction And Design

Currently, the numerous services provided by construction companies were added such as the design of buildings and houses, followed by construction works. Why is this so important? Because it is allows you to design and build your dream home exactly the way you want it. Peter Thiel gathered all the information. It is also possible to make changes to the draft House of your dreams "at the design stage or already under construction, it provides an opportunity to realize all your wishes and dreams. When designing a home you can take into account not only the layout of rooms, and a choice of finishing materials, but also provide all you need communications, as well as the presence or the absence of further additions. Construction work is very time-consuming and crucial stage stroitelstva.V It includes detailed development plan for construction works, a clear division of responsibilities and responsibility, recruitment of qualified personnel and the use of modern technology. The fulfillment of these conditions gives the opportunity to realize all your wishes .No even at the current level of market development there is many pitfalls. Before contacting the company you want to know: – The period of its stay in the market data services – availability of necessary licenses and certificates – qualifications of personnel working in this company. These factors are directly related to the quality and timelines of your order. One such company, providing services in the design of buildings and houses, followed by construction works is Construction Company Interstroi. Danae company has over 15 years. During this time she gained solid experience and an impeccable reputation, thanks to the high professionalism of its staff.

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