What Are NLP Techniques ?

The Mirroring or reflecting or imitating, is an NLP technique that you may find it entertaining and useful for conducting job interviews, sales, human resources and more. This technique of NLP is to imitate certain postures and gestures of the person with whom we interact. We are not going to make putting next to that person, but when we are in front of her taking a job as a personal conversion. In our culture we always forbidden to imitate others, he is considered one. The secret to the technique of mirroring is to copy the minutiae of the other person’s gestures subtly.

It is very important to be cautious and implement these movements or positions once the person and stopped them, not while ago, because that makes it less obvious. What is the use this technique of NLP? Consciously the person you’re imitating do not notice it, and if it becomes aware, you can take it as a coincidence. But our unconscious self as currency and then provides a link to us, a connection identification, such as when a person is familiar. You feel more comfortable, more open, stop being defensive. To generate a connection between two people who are interacting is much easier to establish a link and get the other to listen more carefully to what we are saying.

Whether a person that you are not interviewing for a job, you can feel comfortable with us, and thus be more willing to see our positive side for work, or to arrange a sale for example. The person to be comfortable with us making our explanations in a more open and more confidence in our recommendations. Practical application of Mirroring. Once you perform this technique of imitation, you’ll notice immediately that the person to whom you like you’re reflecting mirror, you match on opinion more readily accept your suggestions. Practise: talk to a partner about a topic you know you disagree and try to copy some of their positions or gestures. You’ll see how it softens your point of view. Then try with another person and to another topic that disagree and do not apply the technique of NLP Mirroring. You see how different it is every conversation. You can use this technique when you need to persuade anyone to make a decision, is your wife to go see a movie that you want to see, or to achieve a major selling your work. Do not be discouraged if the evidence and not work for you, with practice you will improve. (You can see other sales with NLP techniques in my article. You’ll also find practical exercises in NLP). Everything on the web: This does not mean it’s a mathematical question and each time you apply it will work seamlessly. But I assure you increase the chances of achieving your goals.

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