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The works are classified by geographical regions, which in turn are divided into different themes; for example, within Egypt, you can access a u travel online by the most representative works of the dynasty of Cleopatra or the most striking images of Egyptian mummies. Moreover, in addition to the permanent exhibition of the museum objects, online visitors can also admire the most outstanding works of the temporary exhibitions through the this web news section. Petesburgo the largest Museum of Russia Hermitage Museum and one of the world’s largest houses in the six buildings that compose nearly three million objects of art, among which one of the art galleries, along with the del Prado, fuller there. Adapting to the digital age, this museum has incorporated into its web page several sections that allow you to perform different virtual visits by his works. In the section tour virtual, online visitors can tour one to one, according to the plans, the numerous rooms of each building and admire the most significant works of each one, in detail and can contemplate also, if desired, even the views of the city can be seen from the rooftops of this museum or the more symbolic images of the historic centre of Petesburgo. From another angle, you can iterate through the works exhibited one at a time in the section virtual views, where this museum funds are classified by topics or collections, presenting high quality images of the objects with their corresponding data sheet.

Virtual museums of Spain from the guide of museums in CONSUMER EROSKI, any Internet user can access web pages from 34 museums of fine arts highlights of our country and admire their works through virtual tours that offer some of them, like the Thyssen-Bormemisza Museum, the Museum of contemporary Spanish art, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona or the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. On the other hand, from the website of the Prado Museum, also located in the list of the most visited in the world, you can admire a selection of the 15 most representative of this art gallery works, download the audio guides in Spanish and English of the main masterpieces of the Museum’s collections or browsing, thanks to the technology of Google Earth, by the reproductions of 14 masterpieces, such as Las Meninas, the Knight of the hand on the chest or Las Tres Gracias, watching with detail strokes and strokes of the author.. It’s believed that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts sees a great future in this idea.

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National Institute

Vivafit, gyms female international franchise, participated in the last edition of the event leader essence, that, on an annual basis, organizes Management around Sports, a consulting firm committed to the sector of fitness in Spain. Hillary Clinton is often quoted as being for or against this. The event took place last January in the facilities of the National Institute of physical education in Barcelona, and Manuel Coloma, Professor of leadership and communication and former coach of the women’s basketball gold medal at the Perugia 1993 European, was responsible for its presentation. Last year’s Edition had as a central theme the concept of coaching, while this time the programme was focused on the management of talent within organizations, offering answers to common questions in the business environment such as the best way to achieve the greatest effectiveness of the employees while they feel comfortable in their jobs and in their projections of future. For this the interventions were divided into a first exhibition of character theoretician, another practice based on the experience of an elite athlete and a round table. Vivafit, as teaches success contrasted in the fitness sector, attended this Conference in order to contribute their experience and their business philosophy, a heritage that has allowed the chain reach over 100 gyms open in the Iberian Peninsula in just seven years, and expand into Asian markets with two separate master-franchise India for concession arrangements and, more recently, Singapore, where expansion plans include the opening of a hundred establishments. Vivafit strategy has allowed him to grow, not only as a franchise, but also in its specialized services users in improving the health of women today, and is that it already has more than 41,000 members.

Hence the interest found its responsible beyond our borders, who await this year add other three master franchises in Brazil, Turkey and Chile, whose negotiations are very Advanced. MORE information: Vivafit is a network of centres of exercise, physical health and well-being for women, which provides a complete method to be in form with just 30 minutes of daily exercise, pilates and a program of nutritional education, all in a fun family atmosphere. This chain of franchise allows today’s woman staying fit in a quick way, since an instructor encouraged, corrected and motivates, but always respecting the pace and the possibilities of each partner. The total investment required to become a franchisee of this signature varies between 120,000 and 130,000 euros, including a working capital, a right of entry of 14.433 euros, works of local adaptation and equipment required to equip a Center.

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Administration Centre

Upon receipt of a written contract is sent to the listener call-message of acceptance to the group or are notified by e-mail address specified by him or by phone. The reason for leaving at school is a challenge and signed a contract with a second instance of a listener who comes to school. Without a contract and call the listener to employment may be allowed with the concurrence of his arrival on the phone with Administration Centre no later than three days before the start of the course. Tuition fees in cash upon arrival at the course. When passing through the study of organizations – the payment can be made in order cashless raschetOplata paid on arrival at the course. The Center provides assistance to foreign students in the exchange of currency at the most favorable rate in a friendly bank.

Arriving at the course, must have money (In UAH, Russian rubles, U.S. dollars, euros) to pay for tuition, passport. Classes are held weekdays from 9-00 to 19-00, with a lunch break from 13-00 to 14-00. On Saturday from 9-00 to 14-00, a day-Sunday. Students are provided with textbooks, instructional literature, technology, on the practical work – clothes. Training Centre Address: Ukraine, 36 007, Poltava, ul. Kucherenko, 9 Center site: E-mail Address: e-mail: Supplemental telephone Service: For Ukraine: 8-0532-660-640, 8-0532-662-687 from 9-00 to 18-00, 8-050-346-02-69 from 8-00 to 22-00 to call from Russia : 8-380-0532-660-640, 8-380-0532-662-687 from 8-00 to 17-00, 8-380-050-346-02-69 8-00 to 22-00 SUGGESTED arrival in the city of Poltava: The Ukrainian citizens arriving in the city of Poltava, convenient transportation for them. Residents of Russia, Belarus and other countries can use the options available: – via Moscow from the Kursk railway station runs a train from Moscow to Poltava – Kharkov through, convenient train from Russia to Kharkov, then any train or train from Kharkov to Poltava, travel time 3-4 hours – through Lugansk, Donetsk convenient by train from Russia and from there any train that goes through Poltava – via Kiev, a convenient train from Russia to Kiev, from Kiev by train or bus to Poltava – via Kiev by plane to Boryspil airport, with airport shuttle bus to Kiev, from Kiev by train or bus to Poltava, Arrival of train stations in Poltava – buses, trolleybuses, minibuses that go to the strontium district "Brailki" to stop "Brailki." From the bus stop to go on the street.

Gozhulyanskuyu, walk along it to the store "gardening." Beside him turn onto Kucherenko. Then, after 300 meters on the street is a five-story building number 9, where the first floor training center is located. Over the building of a training center big sign "Optimalist." Behind closed doors – to call the right call at the door. Join students and their settlement in the apartment is held on a specified day of arrival, from 7-00 to 22-00 or during the first school day. Persons arriving at night – to decide whether an overnight stay on their own, and in the morning is a training center for the registration and settlement.

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