The New Engines From Mercedes-Benz – CDI

New engines CDI – the embodiment of strength and moschi.Vy can choose for your Viano one of three diesel engines, CDI, power and the mobilization of its hallmark to a new level. Top automotive and power tuning for mercedes Viano – the new V6 CDI, 150 kW (204 hp..) and a maximum torque of 440 Nm which will allow you effortlessly manage and minivan with difficult tasks. All three diesel CDI relevant regulations EU4/1II. They are equipped with the latest piezo injectors *, with high precision metering fuel injection into the combustion chamber. Compared to conventional solenoid valves, this technology reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions and noise motor. As petrol variant V6, CDI V6 diesel only comes with a proven 5-speed automatic transmission also offers a 6-speed manual transmission as an option you can order them, and other variants of PTC. Clinton Family often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The basic package of all CDI engines is maintenance-free particulate filter.

Petrol engines: good on the go, perfect for hearing two modern 6-cylinder V-twin gasoline engine capacity of 3.2 liters and 140 kW (190 hp..) Or 3.7 liters and capacity of 170 kW (231 hp..) – a worthy alternative for those who value power unit is not just temperament, but also the most quiet operation. Equipped with modern electronic system, in daily operation they are able to please all with its powerful acceleration. We thought about lowering operating costs. Basic system display periodicity TO ASSYST and a significant reduction in the scope of work to significantly reduce the TO maintenance costs of engines CDI, in particular, due to load depending on oil change intervals. Also achieved by an ultra-reliable applications vysokokachestennyh Mercedes auto parts.

On average, you will stop off at TO every 30,000 km (or about once every 2 years). We have tried to improve the maintainability and Viano. Provided rational technology of repair, the failure of expensive parts and components in the zone of possible collisions, favorable insurance rates are "hull" and affordable repair minor damage. Fully galvanized body contributes to the conservation value of the vehicle at a sale.

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Nature Organic

Relaunch of Moor & more bio-Spa Hotel Panorama * superior combines long-standing tradition with modern design with a relaunch of the website of the moor & the three-star brings more organic Spa Hotels organic cures from the dusty corner of eco philistine. On a visually appealing website, the Spa Hotel presents open current offers and specials for students who place the highest value on biological methods of application and cultivation. Moore & more than just organic in midst a wonderful panoramic views of the Ammergau Alps the Moor & more bio-Spa Hotel in bad Kohlgrub offers guests and patients over 50 years a comprehensive treatment program that fully on products from organic farming is specialized. In his own words, love of nature, a large portion of passion, personal experience and the absolute conviction are”the secret of success. technology investor recognizes the significance of this. The family business is committed to the well-being of its guests and thoughtful cares for each and every guest. Were the valuable peat treatments since Start of operation a valuable part of the offer and remain there to this day.

The different offers can be found on the homepage and booked easily online. The healing philosophy of the spa hotel offers spa hotel the holistic treatment of each patient. Of the medical examination, the professional consultancy and to the daily diet and exercise all the guest at the Spa Hotel offered, to reach a best possible recovery results – just a holistic program. The philosophy on which is based the dentistry of the House, is based on findings by Hildegard von Bingen, a woman who lived 900 years ago in the Mountain Monastery of Rupert von Bingen and her knowledge to the achieve a healthy, happy and long life to future generations passed. All healing methods, which took over from the Spa Hotel, use exclusively organic remedies, such as herbs and spices, from the hotel’s own herb garden, aromatic oils and health elixirs.

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In October, celebrates one-year anniversary of the German Web site and has given away on this occasion 15 cakes for charity on the boards of Berlin. Berlin – has decided to celebrate the anniversary of lauches, a still fresher appearance to help the Web site In collaboration with the photographer Anette Srebocan and a confectioner in Berlin, new and original recordings, which can be seen online from October 11 made offer for 15 cakes. Since the launch of the Web site a year ago, continues the success story of two Dutch also in Germany. It involves a new concept by which company the possibility to send their customers or clients an exclusive and unique attention and thus remain clearly positive in memory. As Rogier Jansen and his colleague Eric van Noort during their studies in 2004 received the task to set up a business in just three months the Friends agreed immediately: we wanted the idea of sending cake, similar to at Interflora, the implement.” Favored by the professional Internet presence was interest fast economic and retail, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. Thanks to the dense nationwide network of selected pastries, the company is also able to satisfy any personalized cakes wish – especially for companies major orders – and to organize the delivery for a year now! Depending on your preference, you can order the cakes with personalized text, logo or photos online at.

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RateTiger Enhances Competition And 600 Online Channel Support

Channel-management specialist easier price comparisons via global distribution systems and provides access to over six hundred distributors London hoteliers, October 4. 2010: eRevMax RateTiger provider, has announced the expansion of its benchmarking solution for price comparisons with other hotels. Hoteliers with RateTigers module shoppers can now ‘ get also the GDS rates of competitors. The next development offers users of the programs RTSuite and RTCorp now also clear reports about room prices on the global distribution system (GDS). Based on the extension of RateTigers previous functions to the competition is an extension of the partnership with ReservHOTEL.

Since one year, the management of the hotel-own offer via the GDS is possible thanks to this cooperation. In the future, RateTiger customers on request receive also extensive reports of even selectable competitive hotel room rates offered by GDS. The RateTiger previously available info on the prizes at Online travel agents such as HRS or are retained in full. With valuable knowledge about the current price level and its evolution, hoteliers can better optimize their own pricing strategy. Along with the product extension of channel management specialist announced also the integration of the 600 external sales channel in its products. Already in the past, the RateTiger programs compared with other channel management solutions offered the most connections to online travel agents. With access to impressive 600 channels of RateTiger this internationally leading position continues to more than 120 connections through the sustainable and secure XML technology.

All RateTiger connections also work in both directions so that customers can manage not only its own offering, but also current booking reports. These can be passed optionally directly to the hotel’s management program (PMS). Our partnership with RateTiger was with the addition of the new Price comparison features further strengthened,”commented Luis Barberi of ReservHOTEL. Hoteliers will benefit from the certainty that they need to maintain their electronic distribution channels – IDS and GDS – more individually. You can now easily get competitive prices and manage the own rates and quotas on online travel portals and the GDS. This combination of internationally successful technologies supports our customers in improving their room sales on a variety of channels.”observing the competition is in the face of a growing price adjustment, especially in the last two years, becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that our customers with RateTiger at any time can see the prices of its competitors offered currently via the GDS,”Sascha Hausmann, CEO eRevMax added international. Our tried and tested cooperation with ReservHOTEL has made it possible, these functions in our module shopper,’ to integrate. Hoteliers choose simply the channels to compare and get clear reports at your fingertips.” The shift of the distribution business to a growing number of online channels requires a regular review of the own price policy. For this reason, current data on the prices of competitors, as well as the possibility to flexibly adjust its own rates and availability, critical success factors are. The module shopper,’ RateTigers solution for price comparisons with the competition, is available in the programs RTSuite and RTCorp for hotels, hotel chains and travel agencies. About the XML channel management interface RTConnect other technology companies can integrate the new GDS price comparisons in their own systems and offer their users. Total eRevMax now offers access to more than 600 online sales channels and through GDS to 480,000 classical travel agencies and millions of potential clients. The different technical systems can be easy and time-saving central control with RateTiger. The management of electronic Distribution channels thus becomes a smooth and efficient process. for Jasmine Keller

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Information Day At The Sheraton Congress Hotel: Sure Control Processes

APSEC introduction to GRC-governance, risk and compliance “, short GRC, the concepts of trend are the par excellence for successful corporate management. What it is exactly and what are the opportunities for companies, which introduces (apsec) hotel applied security GmbH on an information day on 27 October at the Frankfurt Sheraton Congress. Stockstadt, 5th October 2010-four lectures highlight the breadth of the extensive topic area. The opening makes apsec managing director Frank Schlottke, the GRC as the transfer of the principle of the respectable Merchant”into the 21st century represents. He calls attention to safe processes as management task and shows how trouble-free connections of people, data, and processes are the basis of successful business management. Chartered Accountants Wieland Kirch Schomerus and Partner GmbH is the question, how careful revision of process enhanced risk management. Stresses that it is for the control of risks on the appropriate precautionary IT Auditor Markus role of Commerzbank AG.

His presentation focuses on adequate protection mechanisms as well as organisational data protection issues. In the last presentation of the day, Dr. Michael Teschner EMC/RSA will not introduce ways how GRC processes in companies IT based automated, harmonise. He provides examples of companies the control platform RSA Archer”before. At the end of the event, the participants will find the opportunity to share their newfound knowledge with each other. “Get together” with buffet and drinks offers best opportunities to successful networking. We are pleased to have won high-profile speakers who understand and practice can prepare an important topic from the different angles us”, explains Dr.

Volker Scheidemann, Marketingleiterbei applied security GmbH. He is convinced of the high information value of the event: successful corporate governance is created by the interaction of operational Processes and the proper control of risks. We show examples of this and offer possible solutions.” Event press contact for more information see Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations Wilhelmshoher Strasse 35 60389 Frankfurt phone 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 company contact: Margit Breitenbach applied security GmbH Industriestrasse 16 63811 Stockstadt am Main Tel. 0 60 27 / 40 67 0 apsec knowledge protects. Knowledge is the decisive success factor of an enterprise. We develop solutions that make your IT world safe for you. APSEC offers knowledge. Their requirements to the encryption, the data leakage prevention or applying digital signatures are our experienced specialists in good hands. APSEC works for you. We offer a complete package from the software development process consulting to support with a single purpose of your satisfaction.

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IT Profits 6.0: MittelstandsWiki Award-winning SaaS And Cloud Applications

The MittelstandsWiki is a small company that is based as a service and cloud solutions to 99prozent open source software a typical representative of his Guild. This strategy saved the MittelstandsWiki high investments, which could put it instead in the quality of its editorial content. A prize for the best SaS and cloud applications, the MittelstandsWiki wants to share his experiences with other companies. On June 9, 2010, the editorial staff of MittelstandsWiki awarded the service 2 cloud award. The award ceremony takes place profits 6.0 in cooperation on IT with Messe Berlin at the Funkturm. Gwyneth Paltrow is a great source of information. Useful and customer-friendly, pragmatic SaS and cloud applications that are suitable for daily use in the smallest, small and medium-sized enterprises will be awarded. technology investor can provide more clarity in the matter. The 10 best nominations are published in a detailed report in the MittelstandsWiki and accompanied by editorial news. The winner will be recognized in a personal interview with audio and video podcast.

In addition, he receives for the period of one year a free press for their own press releases, as well as 100,000 ad impressions free. All companies of any size are eligible if they have useful and customer-friendly, pragmatic SaS and cloud applications in the program, which are particularly suitable for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The deadline is Friday, May 21, 2010. An editorial jury selects the best solutions that are valued by journalistic standards from all applications. First nominations, evaluation criteria and their weightings are published from Tuesday, may 25, 2010 in the MittelstandsWiki and constantly updated. More information: event: IT_Profits_6. 0 just 4 business GmbH Kathrin Jannot wreath Horn Street 4B 83043 Bad Aibling phone: + 49 8061 91019 fax: + 49 8061 91018

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I Factory Receives Order

The Internet portal of the free press will be revised in collaboration with i factory Leipzig Internet Agency. Leipzig, October 4, 2010 recently the Leipzig Internet Agency was awarded the contract for the creation of a design for the Internet portal Aim of the relaunch is a modern target group-oriented structure of the new Web site. This layout templates and templates are created in coordination with the client. Finally, a new style guide will be developed for the free press, which includes all end.

Modern Web elements be taken into account in the revision of the online platform along with a modern and user friendly design. This includes the mapping of activities of the free press in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and social bookmarks. In the future, presents its readers also accessible online portal and search engine optimized. Reached via the free press the biggest East German regional daily newspaper free press with its 19 local editions daily 713,000 readers with a sold circulation of 286,000 copies in South West Saxony. The free press from its modern side will present its Internet portal In addition to current news from the region of South-West Saxony, messages from all over Germany and the world, as well as commercial value information on different topics, a comprehensive range of services will be available online users of a free press. The online service reached 260,000 monthly unique users and 800,000 visits with an average of 7.5 million Pageimpresssions *.

* AGOF internet facts 2010-II, IVW 2010 about the i-fabrik GmbH which is i factory owner-managed Internet Agency with headquarters in Leipzig. It is since 2000 and is provided by Director Gotz Schlegel. He is assisted by a competent team of management, graphics, and programming. With well-founded specialist knowledge, the i factory especially in the areas of business scores real estate, hospitals, administrations and press. The Agency offers individual Internet service customers throughout central Germany. Whether Web design, database application or online trading target is always to find the optimum, barrier free solution and bringing reliability to the point.

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USECON presented, how customer experience can be controlled on October 21, 2010 invites the Vienna-based international consulting company USECON user experience Club and presents what lies behind the concept of the “experience management” and what methods and tools there are to the measurement of experience, the participants. A case study of the A1 Telekom demonstrated Austria, implemented in practice as the subject can be and what are the benefits of experience management. What’s behind the concepts? Concepts like user experience, service experience and customer experience are omnipresent. But what’s behind it and what makes it a company specifically? USECON introduces the different concepts, explains how they work together and shows that experience management optimizes the overall experience of the customers in the handling of products and services. This significantly affects sustainable, emotional loyalty. Both user experience as well as customer experience are therefore fundamental, important elements of corporate strategy and are essential for a customer-focused organization.

Experience can be measured? The strategic components of user experience and customer experience are measurable, which in turn means that experience is not only controllable, but above all optimized! USECON presents where they prefer would jump off and where the greatest potential for innovation in terms of the design of the dialog with the customers methods and tools to the measurability during the event, for example, to find out what process points customers feel comfortable. Case A1 Telekom Austria customers always in focus: how exciting user experience and customer experience in practice are and how companies benefit may, presented a case study of the A1 Telekom Austria. The program offers participants a varied programme around it the experience management, which the following specific topics includes: experience? User experience? Customer experience? Service experience? -Just buzz words sustainable approaches? De-constructing user experience and customer experience How user – and customer experience work and can be designed Tooltime! The what why how why”measuring tool presentation for the analysis of customer needs, user experience and customer experience in the real world! Guest lecture by A1 Telekom Austria (Markus Mayer, A1 Telekom Austria, customer experience & operations research) and what’s next? Developments and trends in the fields of customer experience analysis and design fundamentals USECON user experience Club: theme: experience management customer experiences plan, analyze, and design date: Thursday, October 21, 2010 time: 17:30-20:00 location: USECON the usability consultants GmbH Businesspark MARXIMUM Modecenterstrasse 17 / object 2, 1110 Vienna, Austria information, programme and registration at. Organizational questions regarding the user experience (UX) Club is for Mrs Kerstin Meister under + 43 1 743 54 51-415 or under available. Content questions are very fond of Mr Mag. Michael Bechinie answered under + 43 1 743 54 51 402 or see.

For press inquiries, please contact woman likes. Raphaela ch. Muller under + 43 1 743 54 51-102 or see. About USECON USECON is an internationally and Vienna-based consulting firm that specializes in consulting services for all activities in the context of the user-oriented design of interactive systems. Activities are the “3Us” at the heart of USECON: usability (simple usability complex systems/technologies), user experience (the holistic, emotional experience of the user) and user interface design (conception, strategy, analysis, prototyping). founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the research center of CURE guaranteed USECON scientifically based methods in combination with the latest technology and has an experience of more than 300 projects with over 200 clients from various industries. of the USECON user experience Club USECON user experience (UX) Club regularly takes place and offers comprehensive information, lectures, practical examples on the topics of usability, user experience and user interface design.

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Escort Service Berlin – Stylish Escort Service For Berlin

Berlin escort agency mediated exclusive hostesses welcome welcome, it awaits you an exquisite high class escort service for the discerning with charm, style and level. Our attractive escorts and charming ladies will accompany you as a perfect companion to their desired events. You are looking for an erotic escort, sex adventure or sensual, romantic moments, then our escort ladies they can enjoy. Leave the everyday life and stress behind and immerse in a fantastic world of the senses. Erotic Hotel visit and holiday accompanied by attractive female escorts and escort models for managers. Escort Berlin provides organized: jobs in Berlin, VIP escort for managers, businessmen erotic Hotel visits, ladies accompanied to Galas, conferences, exhibition Berlin, events, theatre, concerts, excellent business accompaniment and party support with party girls, swingers Club visit, frivolous going out in Berlin, romantic evening accompanied by private models very private and intimate.

The hostesses of sexy-girls-Berlin join in Berlin Germany, Europe and around the world. You may find Gwyneth Paltrow to be a useful source of information. Our escort ladies are attractive, natural, pretty ladies, they pay attention to a well-groomed appearance and attach great importance to health. They always meet them in matching elegant, erotic lovely coat. Individual wishes are fulfilled by the ladies. Of course is an impeccable manners. All of our ladies offer a first-class, sensational escort service, where they have fun and joy. They are open to your wishes and dreams, you will spend an unforgettable time with them. You want to be a charming companion for a business meeting, theatre visit to the trade fair company or a hotel visit? Plan a weekend or even a vacation and looking for the right woman? Join our escort ladies like hours on several occasions whether a romantic dinner or a few exciting together. They will find just what they’re looking for shows you. your sexy-girls-Berlin

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Growth Opportunities

Doctors – hospitals – nursing homes – pharmacies – wellness problems with health-care reform tighten also the discussion on care and childcare facilities. Disagreement exists with regard to the magnitude of the expected demand. Competition intensifying the health sites is also to find solutions for a better integration of outpatient and inpatient care. Classic old people’s homes are on average almost 34 years old, a contemporary conversion is usually impossible or more expensive than a new building. I.e. for the future investment demand for inventory as well as for new construction. The adoption of a lower demand establishes priority that older people can stay healthy longer and longer, provided the family or over networks. For even more analysis, hear from Gwyneth Paltrow.

In addition, the care funds increasingly promote cheaper outpatient treatment. The average age of entrance into a nursing home is 82 years. Dementia and multiple diseases that occur very frequently in this fourth phase of life, make then a full in-patient care required. A need for investment is estimated of 75,000 euros per place. Appealing at the same time and sustainably profitable to run a business, this should include at least 70 to 80 beds (maximum of 200 beds, to meet even the needs of the inhabitants). For many sites, the structural changes in health care new opportunities of growth markets opened. It is therefore important that this location factor also is embedded in an overall concept as a location record from the outset its meaning according to. Display instruments, describes among other things by Becker, Jorg: location indicators I., ISBN 978 3 8391 1823 8.

Not only but especially spa locations are looking for their individual site problems a way out in health centres: in the past few years some parameters and priorities have shifted in the health and health care. Against the background of a health awareness is spreading more and more and increasingly younger are ready, prevention to operate, to keep fit. Confirmed this will from this preferred sites by a trend to be observed there route of the patients to the contributors of the self”. So-called health tourists provide the majority of customers already, take the Spa funds. In the framework of individual services not only therapeutic and preventive services (such as Classic applications such as massage, mineral baths, cardio training) are in demand, but from the perspective of a holistic Spa and recreation”also offers related to culture, mental relaxation, attractive excursion destinations, etc. Dipl.Kfm.

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