Mini Compact Dictionary

The objective of this archetype of system is to allow that, as much those that more withhold deepened knowledge in the computer science area, how much the ones that little they know on the use of a computer, can use Electronic handbook of Patients routinely for the register and access of the description of the patients. However, it is important to detach the sigiloso aspect of these registers, that will have to be protected by means of control of access through login and password and too much mechanisms that restrict and hinder the ingression of not authorized people in the system. 3. Methodology the method of boarding used in this work had diversified character of form to not only display the theoretical concepts and the quarrels on the considered subject, but mainly, to present one summarized analysis of an archetype of an Electronic Handbook system of the Patient for implantation in the Tocantins. Thus, bibliographical research was become fullfilled documentary and, beyond having been used the following languages in the development of the system archetype: PHP (Personal Home Page), Java Script, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Languagem), SQL (Structured Query Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Ajax (2, 3, 4, 6). 3,1 Analysis the word analysis has for meant the act of decomposition of one all in its elements. (Pink U. Mini Compact Dictionary of the Portuguese Language.

9 ed. So Paulo: RIDEEL; 1999. analysis; p. 27) For the professionals of the computer science area, analysis is the part where if the database of the system draws, where if it places and leave classrooms, searching to the few to define the system. It is in the analysis that the parts of the requirements if transform into fields that later will be the possible columns of tables of the banks. Considering such aspects, it has beginning the presentation of the archetype of system of ' ' electronic handbook of paciente' ' for implantation in the State of the Tocantins.

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Introduction Currently

Through critical research eanlise was possible to identify the most diverse 4 points that become oHTML unbalanced and to leave in evidences the necessity of a new version for the language. The text also in the sample the importance of the Web Semantics, its vantagense as HTML 5 can contribute with this technology and for the future of mercadode Internet. Word-key: HTML 5.Web Semantics. Multimedia. Sites. Keywords: HTML 5.Semantic Web. Multimedia.

Sites. 1 Introduction Currently, the language more used paramarcao of hipertexto is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in its quartaverso. Its documentation and specification had been defined in the year of 1999, peloconsrcio W3C (Consortium World Wide Web). It is known that at that time ocontexto was total different of the context of the present, with acessoslimitados to the Internet and resources multimedia. The different demand of that year fezcom that the technology market contemporary considered this linguagemdefasada, as much of the structural point of view, as in the interactive direction.

At the beginning of 2008, one another one especificaodefiniu the fifth version of language HTML. In this version, new they funcionalidadesforam introduced to assist the desenvolvedores of Web.Em applications HTML 5, semantic elements and multimedias had been enclosed, with practical base empesquisas on adoption of of creation and development (IKSON & HYATT, 2008). 2 Web Semantics In this article we approach the fact of they mundotem as it witnessed one sped up advance in what it says respect to the technology dainformao, where the Internet has prominence paper, especially to porrepresentar one of the referenciais greaters of research of the last times.

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Ponjita More

An example is the sponges of the Princesses of the Disney of the Ponjita mark, who cost in average R$ 5,99, while the common sponges of the same mark are offered to 2,78 R$ the package with three units, what it is equivalent more or less 0,93 R$ the unit. A difference of 5,06 R$ more than 500% of variation. 8 FIG. Variation of prices between common sponges and with design differentiated Important to stand out that the survey of offered infantile sponges did not have the intention to present all the available models in the market. The objective was, above all, to give to a sample of the diversity of models and prices of sponges for the segment in study. 3 METHODOLOGY In this item described and are characterized used metodolgicos aspects for resolution of the problem of this research. 3,1 Type of Research 3.1.1 How much to the boarding Being based on Wools Houses (2006), this research is qualitative, therefore allows to more evaluate the data with more depth by means of detailed questions.

For Malhotra (2001, P. 155), ‘ ‘ the qualitative research better provides to vision and understanding of the context of problema’ ‘. In the case of this research, was elaborated a questionnaire with detailed questions that can make to appear other excellent questions to the study. The boarding will be personal direct, therefore, according to Malhotra (2001, P. 156), ‘ ‘ the objective of the research is disclosed to the respondents, or then he is obvious for proper questes’ ‘. 3.1.2 How much to the ends This research is exploratria, therefore, according to Malhotra (2001, P. 106), this objective type the exploration of a problem or situation, with the purpose of ‘ ‘ to get criteria to develop a boarding of problema’ ‘ , among others.

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Good Quality Kitchen Furniture

When choosing a kitchen set, we must be sure that we get quality furniture. We are concerned by the questions: Will the furniture for the kitchen increased loads, it is enough if it is comfortable and functional, well there will be a new furniture look in the interior of the kitchen? All that we want to consider when choosing the furniture. Consider some points, indicating a furniture production and, consequently, the lifetime of the furniture. We think that this You will not make offensive blunders when buying furniture for the kitchen. Quality kitchen furniture depends primarily on the production technology. Visit the company's manufacturing section. If there is one, then it an additional advantage to the choice of this particular manufacturer.

The range of proposed facades, countertops, cabinets serve as an indicator of solidity furniture company. A solid company will offer you a wide selection of materials, shapes and colors. Thus, the furniture front, depending on preferences and income customers may be made of MDF board, laminated particle board or real wood. Housing is usually made of laminated chipboard. Pay attention to the ends products, especially the lower and rear. The presence of lamination coating on them as evidence of solidity of the furniture manufacturer to order. Be sure when buying products from particleboard demand a health certificate. If, for content of formaldehyde resin particleboard classified as E1, the furniture is trustworthy.

If the certificate is a certificate or E2 is absent, it is better to apply for furniture production to another company. Accessories is the next important point. Boxes must not slip too easily, otherwise they will strike the frame strongly, producing extra noise and fast wearing. At the same time, the boxes must be nominated and slide without extra effort. To avoid such troubles boxes are supplied with a special mechanism for cushioning. Hinged doors should hang straight, and the loops provide the angle of opening a door not less than 100 degrees. It is desirable to floor cabinets were on the ground-floor legs of adjustable height. This will adjust the position of the cabinet with uneven floors, and protect furniture from moisture, spilled on the floor. The general form of food will not spoil the legs, they can be to cover the mezzanine or the original strips. All of the above is a sign of quality furniture. Convenience, aesthetics and practicality of the kitchen is made up of such trifles.

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Water Utilities

Among other organizations related to housing and public utilities, major urban water utilities stand out. And, unlike other "brothers" on housing and utilities, where the depreciation of fixed assets reaches sometimes exorbitant 90% position of these companies have fairly stable. This is understandable – being the one hand, strategic objects, they are even in turbulent times felt the support of the state. On the other hand – that utilities are suppliers of essential and the public, and business services – water supply and sanitation. But on its own stability – not a panacea for all ills.

Today, as in the famous children's tale, "to simply remain in place, you need to run for dear life, continuous growth of energy tariffs simply does not have a choice. To keep up forever, even just to stay within the cost-effectiveness, any enterprise must be constantly and quite rapidly – to reduce costs, improve production efficiency. All this is impossible without the use of latest technological developments. And, as the experience of leading Russian utilities, even very large investments pay off handsomely. Water several years ago in Bashkortostan was successfully reconstructed water three industrial cities of the country – Salavat, Sterlitamak and Ishimbay. Their Group abstraction serves sue Salavatvodokanal. Like almost everywhere in such structures, the lion's share of expenditure devoted to electricity. And pumping equipment consumes up to 70% of the total energy consumption enterprise. Most of them (80%) are in the station of the second and subsequent climbs. About 6 years ago, when the modernization of the water utility, the company has installed pumps grundfos type sp.

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Intelligent Transport

‘Intelligent Transport’, telematics or its. All these concepts mean almost the same: the use of information systems for automatic control of vehicles. In road safety by this means a safer transport environment, motor vehicle safety and effective traffic control. In late 2009, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Harri Pursiainen, has prepared a proposal for a development strategy “Intelligent transportation”. One of its main provisions is more ‘road safety’. Under the proposed strategy, the most effective in terms of security tools are in addition to special equipment, systems to control the speed of movement and limiting the ability to control the vehicle in an inadequate state. Alert system (eCall) increases security, allowing you to provide quick assistance to the victims in the accident.

Part of automatic control is standard on new cars, parts are installed only on expensive models, and the rest only planned to be installed. The greatest potential for traffic safety have the following systems: – esc – electronic stability control car, – lks – warning system of a deviation from the band movement, – maps & adas – Warning System speeding and dangerous parts / auto navigation systems and driver assistance. The new car is most common electronic stability control. From systems that control the behavior of drivers, the most effective video surveillance systems have been recognized. At sections of roads in Finland equipped with surveillance cameras, fatal crashes decreased by 30 – 50%. This year, our country will be tested a system for automatic control of high speed.

Application of this technology in selected European countries are currently quite limited, but with the development of technology and legislative framework, it will certainly be widely distributed. Driver’s ability to drive can be checked using ‘alcohol lock. ” This device is not allowing the driver to start the car in while intoxicated, is widespread in Finland and Sweden. In our country, this “castle” is an alternative to revocation if the driver has already been punished for driving while intoxicated. He is also required for vehicles engaged in transportation of schoolchildren. In the near future, cars become more electronic equipment. It should be noted that not all technological innovations are aimed solely at improving road safety. It is especially important to know that the technology used in automobiles, used correctly. And yet – despite the already existing or still being developed electronics driver for a long time will have to focus on its primary task – to safe driving.

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Franchise Business

Each day that passes our country, Mexico, has been growing in the subject of business, especially in those of business franchises, as entrepreneurial business people, have realized that it is a great opportunity to make money and is a great door to grow professionally. There are numbers of people who are interested in undertaking this type of business, because it is said, that the business franchises are an excellent choice for starting a business, it is almost a guaranteed success, since it has the secret recipe of administration, product and/or service of a company larger than already achieved part of great success elsewhere, mostly in other countries. The franchise business becomes a little better, when you need someone you advice and help you how to handle all this administration, because it is of utmost importance for one more strategic plan to reach that market share that you’re trying to attract. The franchise business, may be this great opportunity that you’ve been waiting for and of course that you should not it let go. If you’re one of these people, who are thinking of undertaking a franchise, do not think twice and come with expert people which these businesses succeed.

ActionCoach is a company dedicated to training people like you, through workshops, assessments and the great help you are both looking for. Contact us and you will see that you won’t regret it. M..

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Trabant Phonemes

It should be of short duration to avoid fatigue of minors. Like the TAR must maintain the structure of grouping of phonemes into bilabial labiodental, Dental, Alveolar, Palatal, Velar, vowel and consonant diphones to maintain an order of presentation. Phonemes must be evaluated in initial syllable, middle and end to determine the presence of dyslalia. Phonemes were not considered Trabant due to the following: – Many of the Trabant phonemes are omitted or replaced by cultural influence, for example. : AVOCADO – PART.

– Trabant Phonemes are delayed acquisition as these are less important in the outcome of the test. – Many of the Trabant phonemes are difficult to plot or illustrate with pictures. Nor polysyllabic words were considered due to two factors: – polysyllabic words like Trabant phonemes are late and require acquisition of an appropriate development of phonological awareness and auditory integration therapy (Acosta, V., 1999). – Technical difficulties with the automatic programming of the results by the "Software". Finally it was not considered the evaluation of phrases or sentences, due to the following points: – It is a repeat virtually alone item. – We believe that its original purpose is not to measure joint but retention and evocation of the phrase or sentence (auditory memory). c) Searching for words to be represented in images. A search was conducted more than 200 words that would be associated with the phonemes to assess the initial syllable positions, middle and end, as well as vowel and consonant combinations. The chosen set of words that form the SPAV 67.

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Jairo Romero

A scenario is this known to all, in ordinary mortals who inhabit and where it will be until the day in which the mercy and generosity of the creator so determined. Another context is the legend, where only allowed privileged beings, protagonists of gestures of greatness, of incomparable feats of performances out of the ordinary. Jairo Romero was a legend from the day light in which he took the bold decision to break with common journalism and devoted himself to explore boldly in the same hazardous events, to listen to the soul in depth and feelings of the protagonists, to make the necessary trip to the details for all others passed unnoticed. Since last Sunday he prematurely left this region of light and shadow where life is temporary and finite, to remain permanently in the country of immortality where he arrived preceded by their high dreams, their wonderful achievements, its unwavering precepts. Life allowed me to meet Jairo Romero through his voice. I was a regular listener of their sports broadcasts through radio Admiral. In the warm afternoons of my monotonous Sunday my favorite program was listening to him and Eladio Narvaez when they narrated from Calancala Stadium (or any other scenario) the exploits of the Riohacha Deportivo in its extraordinary 1983 season in the second Division tournament – today first C-. The guajiro box due to one of their rivals and with that same ease the dupla narrador-comentarista told us goals from Teddy Orozco and Victor Sapuca Hernandez; lethal Jairo Pinto projections; impeccable Edgar Almazo and Osmani Gomez dialing; the impressive saves by Nilson Martinez. Our old stadium San Jose de Maicao, headquarters in other times of the exploits of football of the border was desolate: without a soul, without action and, above all, without football. Little by little boys on the block were made fanatical team of Riohacha but Luis Octavio Cruz (one of my brothers of dreams) and I, we had others Heroes: I want to narrate as Eladio told me one day my friend and I then felt at total liberty to say: and I want to comment as Jairo.

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Coresuite Cube – More Performance At The Same Price

Multi-tenancy and support for up to five distribution rules per booking. Coresystems Windisch, May 31, 2011, the specialist for innovative business solutions to effectively support business processes, expands the scope of coresuite cube with the current update. The additional functions dimensions include the installation of multiple clients, the support of the new manual distribution rules, as well as the addition of four additional distribution rule. In the Sales cube, also information from the purchasing area be considered now. Existing customers will automatically benefit from the innovations. coresuite cube is offered as standard product for SAP business one and is in two versions available (Sales cube and finance-cube).

Generally can be categorized with coresuite cube analysis and create reports without technical background knowledge. After installation the user has available in the pull down menu, already the most important reports for data analysis available. They can always individually adapted and quickly and easily any be extended. In 10 seconds, it is possible, for example, to create a sales analysis of all articles about different countries including designation of quantity and margin per year, month, day, or a certain period of time. Accesses the coresuite cube in Microsoft Excel as the user interface. Easily versatile analysis with pivot capabilities can be put together and save user-friendly. The major design options from Microsoft Excel are also coresuite cube available.

Colored designed charts, bar, or circles with a few mouse clicks take reports in each case statement. Time savings through analysis subscriptions for regularly required reports can be set up in coresuite cube-defined subscriptions. E-mail a Managing Director on the first day of the month receives then for example a sales manager every Monday sales figures of last week, the sales figures of the previous month and the Board of Directors the liquidity overview per quarter. Multi-tenancy enables coresuite cube now Cross-database analysis. This comprehensive business analyses that are involving subsidiaries and overseas branches.

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