New Valves For The Castings

More efficient, more comfortable, more powerful: Uni equipment presents new generation of valve for thermal processes of the faucet manufacturer uni-devices from Weeze has a pioneering generation of valve on the market brought: the new valves are compact, lightweight and bring more performance with significantly lower power consumption. Now the company introduces product range on the THERMPROCESS 2011 his new Val + U. You will find the University equipment stand number 9E10 in Hall 9 uni equipment valves are specifically designed for the combustion technology. The electromagnetic – and Elektropneumatikventile shut off the flow of gases used in heat generation in power plants, for example, waste incineration and steel production. The new valves is characterised by a significantly higher throughput at lower energy consumption. It can be used in same time through more gas volume up to one-third. The valves are still versatile thanks to the higher flow rate and are thus also for new areas of application interesting.

Despite the improved performance, the new developments consume but barely up to the half of the previously necessary amount of electricity. Managing Director Norbert Schneider is especially proud. Given the shortage of raw materials, which will worsen in the future, we wanted to develop a product that saves resources, it brings more power. We succeeded by improvements of technology and building our new valves.” The new valve generation is also more compact solutions: has you in a row used two valves, one needs only a standard length with the new double solenoid valve – series VX. Customers particularly appreciate that the new valves are significantly smaller, lighter and therefore easier to handle, what makes it easier ultimately to mount. Also brings another advantage to the smaller form of the valves: storage and transport costs are reduced. Savings, which of course positively affects the overall cost. Like all previous series Valves, the new uni devices come from our own development and production.

For over 60 years in the business, the company exports a wide range of own-developed valves for burners, ovens, boilers and power plants all over the world. Depending on the user profile, uni device manufactures with customised special solutions, serial models of standard and special system solutions for small and large quantities of gases up to 1000 degrees, oil, water and other media. A total of over 2500 different types. Security is particularly important here of course just when working with fuels. Thanks to strict quality and safety standards, the uni devices be used products also in particularly sensitive areas of risk. Already the high performance and optional explosion-proof series EVA and EPVA suited as automatic shut-off valves use regenerative gas, have proven themselves worldwide. At its more than 3,000 business partners around the globe, the German company is thus for decades as Specialist for demanding solutions. To find detailed information about the company and the new generation of valve, see and in German and English.

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Federal Association

To Andreas Panel: when we help the health insurance companies or local authorities as private service providers to fill their coffers, then is the a classic win-win situation. So the legislature is required to set the course now.” Bundesverband takes the Federal Association for debt collection and accounts receivable management ( committed also in Fulda for the recovery of public assets. In some cases this is practiced regionally limited already: the city of Wiesbaden has increased the rate of return by private demand management by 13 percent to over 30 percent in a pilot project in the catchment of over the previous demands for the maintenance advances Act. An example that proves successful private-sector activity. To Michael Baumgart, Chairman of the BFIF 1: “with substantial deficits State institutions it is incomprehensible that not every promising possibility of indenting open claims is carried out by private demand management.” About Apontas debt collection company, there are but few many, experienced full service provider for Receivables Management. Apontas is most certainly included. Since 1971, we ensure that our customers can focus on their core business.

The rest’, so the care of their demands, we assume. From a single source from the first demand letter up to the foreclosure. Public transportation and utilities as well as banks, savings banks, insurance companies, publishers, catalogers or telecommunications service providers take advantage of our extensive range. Six supporting pillars a strong bridge. Offer our customers not only tailored, customized solutions, we accompany you with competent advice and comprehensive services. On request expert advice include Apontas consulting as well as a comprehensive progress and Training in the Apontas Academy. A total of six divisions form the solid pillars of a strong bridge on the way to success. Maybe even tomorrow to your success! More info for editors / readers: Apontas – the claims Manager Kirchweg 6 19273 Sumte phone: + 49 (0) 38841-750 fax: + 49 (0) 38841-75 404 contact: Kay Thieme E-Mail: Internet: press agency: Comfact communication and design Romerstrasse 12 40476 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 (0) 211-490095 fax: + 49 (0) 211 – 490393 E-Mail: Internet:

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The Dangers Of Popular Meditation Techniques Practice Self-Help

Whenever the Bible talks about meditation, thinking is always active … Several meditation techniques are being promoted extensive and fervently as a way of achieving peace, promoting relaxation, and development of a good conscience. However, many people, Christians and non-Christians, who begin to use these techniques of meditation do not realize the strong warnings in the Bible against these practices. While modern forms of meditation vary, they all share a central goal – empty and put the minds of those who practice them blank. What is the danger of completely clear one's mind? First, it must be understood that an empty mind is optimal territory to be filled with ideas, thoughts, suggestions, sounds and imaginations.

Essentially, a blank mind is like a dry sponge that absorbs almost any liquid with which it comes into contact. An enlightened mind corresponds to a dry sponge, and thoughts imaginations, ideas, suggestions, and sounds are fluid. This truth is evident in the fact that very small children who have not had the opportunity to fully learn a language, can learn a foreign language without effort. Why? For there is another pattern of speech or sound is present to soften the language and incoming sound. As the child grows, their ability to learn language the same way he could do so at a younger age, is gone forever. Again, this is the reason that children are impressionable and that brainwashing is extremely difficult to reverse if it has taken place in a child before the age of four. When an adult mastered the "art" of meditation to the point where the mind is perfectly clear, his psyche is even more impressionable than a baby! The difference is that putting a blank mind has been achieved abnormally and has consequences. Whenever the Bible talks about meditation, always consists of active thought, to fill the mind with the knowledge of the law of God, not to put the mind blank.

In fact, warnings have been made against not protect us from an idle mind. Psalms 1:2 says, "But in the law of the Lord is his delight, And in His law he meditates day and night." Joshua 1:8 tells, "I never depart from your mouth, this book of the law, but day and night meditate on it, to keep and do according to everything written in it." Finally, Psalm 119:97, King David praised God saying, "! Oh, how I love Your law! All day it is my meditation." Should these references be used to form a doctrine regarding meditation techniques? Biblical instruction is really valid for the world today? These questions have been anticipated and answered by the all wise God whose word teaches that "All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness "(2 Timothy 3:16). Man is also remembered that," But the word of the Lord endures forever … " (1 Peter 1:25). Meditating to put the mind blank does not give anything more than temporary peace that is "peace" obtained through breaking the rules of God, "Be sober (having an alert mind), and watch (be alert), because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour "(1 Peter 5:8). 2008 Translated into Spanish by: Alejandro Saenz (Heavenly Manna Ministries) Bible Studies by

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Channels RDSI

The RDSI (ISDN) is an evolved technology of the network of telephone of wiring of pair of copper RDI (Red Digital Integrada), this one gives digital connections from a side to another one providing a great fan of services by means of interfaces standardized for the clients. This Integra system digital data and of voice in the same structure. Isdn (RDSI) has a type of called connection BISDN that works under the broadband line, being able of to fuse both services thanks to the technology of the optical fiber being opteniendo higher speeds. This technology owns much quality and high speeds that work under the flexibility of the service of the wire net. This system among others has several uses in the world of the communication being the most important connection to Internet. The ample necessity to transfer contents multimedia and data requires of faster connections of Internet, being this system able to work with volumes of great size and giving less errors in the unloadings of contents.

The speed is of 64 Kbps (channel B) and 16 Kbps (channel D) having the user in the combination of 128 channels Kbps being quicker than a 28.8 modem of Kbps. Technology RDSI assures a connection to Internet more quality. The basic interface on watch (BRI) is the destined one for the home and the small company and the interface of primary speed (PRI) for great users. Each tariff owns a number of specific channels for the transmission of services. Line ADSL for houses and companies are of a 256 bandwidth of Kbps and 2 Mbps being the difference with respect to technology RDSI of the 128 Kbps of its two channels, this last one is more expensive. Perhaps channels RDSI do not get to fulfill all the exigencies of the users yes although that owns functions enough optimal ones for certain user group. The speed of connection and its tariffs make of the ADSL a perfect election since their tariffs are chords to the line contracted by the client. In order to study supplies ADSL and more attractive connections for the consumer, exist a comparative Web ADSL with all the information necessary and useful to be able to sail by the network with the package that is resembled our needs more.

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Mobile Insurance

It would be excellent that there existed a special technique so the phone is virtually impossible to be damaged by water, from being stolen, or generally receive some kind of prejudice. But as ultimately a normal mobile phone has been designed to be used by one person prone to accidents as it is self, is not to think in a secure mobile, if! a mobile insurance; as well as there are insurance for almost everything that surrounds us, from oneself, the car and the House, at present and with the important thing you go turning our mobile in everyday life, the need to offer insurance for mobile phones has seen. That is why that obtain a mobile phone insurance is is becoming more important every day, as much as it can be car or our policy of life insurance. Reading a bit on the web I found that you there are all types, i.e. ones that cover from theft, loss, accidental damage and liquid damage, as well as those who protect the mobile even when one leaves outside the country and this is very handy because in our globalized world is every day more frequent travel business or simply for vacationing and unless one wishes to seclusion on a hidden island and live as a hermit for a month, will have to be a form of communication. In Europe, the UK and large developing countries are already a reality, will soon also be in Latin countries so we are still in time to inform us about the companies and which offers the best insurance for mobile or which is the one that best fits our needs. Bolsadeseguros is a blog dedicated to collect and maintain up-to-date insurance information, in this case we wanted to leave information about insurance for mobile.

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Present Technique

But where shall wisdom be? Where is the place of intelligence? No man knows his value. (Job 28: 13) Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and who obtains the intelligence (Proverbs 3: 13). Technology and human temporality. The disposition or inclination for the technique is inherent in human nature, there is no record or evidence of what exactly was the first technological creation of the ancients or the descendants of Adam. This is part of the little knowledge of everything how much belongs to yesterday’s humanity.

However that no shadows shine and topicality of the techno – society of the present and the future. Well we can deduce that at first the man creates or uses an object to satisfy a primary or basic need (help, protection, defense, game, education, etc). With the passing of the centuries the tools and technique are multiplied, grow and are transformed until it reaches an influence and presence so critical that nobody today denies the total techno – human dependence. The objects that once were built to save time, make the work easier, mobilize us and entertain us; in the 21st century are those that regulate, control or direct to the society. In the midst of these circumstances produced technology is to study, predict, control, or save time. Much of the technical development save some relationship with the precision of movement and time.Absurd would be to deny the countless advantages of the machines to study the secrets of physics and mathematics of the time; Similarly all users of the technique would defend with justified reasons the availability of time have thanks to her. However, it seems that that time extra this reserved to devote himself to acquire material things, and a lot of it is technical, there is no then time to be better as human, but to have the best as consumer.

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Technology Gmb

The metal detection VARICON is used mainly for the last check of the metal in the goods after packing, the weighing and tagging. The metal separator LIQUISCAN VF + specializes in the control of sausage meat or similar Pasty mass. It can be installed by its compact building method directly to the outlet of a vacuum filler. In determining a metal contamination stopped the promotion or the contaminated sausage meat will be automatically diverted by a pneumatic valve of the filling process into a collecting container. Different types of connectors enable the seamless connection to all filler used in the meat industry, Clipper systems and various attachments.

All metal detectors and separators from S + S are equipped with the evaluation electronics GENIUS +. Here are the data of the Detektionsspule by means of digital Signal processing in a multi-tiered evaluation process prepared and evaluated. The evaluation unit GENIUS + has a high sensitivity of reason, which influenced the accuracy. The data logging and archiving requirements of IFS and HACCP. A key feature of GENIUS + is the intuitive and easy to use via the Optional color touch panel. The product inspection system RAYCON is used mainly for the final inspection of packaged products. Aluminum-coated packaging material or metallized films are no obstacle. The simultaneous inspection of different products and packaging is possible, without requiring the user must change the device setting.

Cross or offset this products cause no error message. It is even possible to examine parallel product lines at the same time. Pusher or blowing nozzles with lockable container in question come as Separier system of faulty products. The RAYCON product inspection system guarantees an optimal image processing at a high throughput rate of up to 600 units per minute. It works with a very low X-ray power of 50 or 80 KV and is allowed in accordance with EU Directive 1999/2/EC as testing for foods and food ingredients. Contact: S + S separation and sorting Technology GmbH Brigitte Rothkopf Regener road 130 D-94513 Schonberg Tel. +49-(0)8554-308 274 fax +49-(0)8554-2606 e-mail: S + S on a look S + S separation and sorting Technology GmbH, Schonberg, provides equipment and systems for the detection /-separation, product inspection and sorting of material flows forth. The sales of the products focused mainly on the food, plastic, chemical, pharmaceuticals, wood, textile, and recycling industry. S + S one of the leading suppliers on the world market is with subsidiaries in Britain, France, China, Singapore and the United States, a representative office in India, and more than 40 offices around the world. At the main plant Currently 200 employees work Schonberg.

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Ghv Drive Technology – The Spirit Of Solutions

ghv celebrating its 10th anniversary. For 20 years it ghv a unabhagiger partner in drive technology. The goals are high. ghv counts for many years as a PREMIUM supplier of Panasonic drives and frequency inverters of Fig ghv and the specialists of ABB and PANASONIC know how one develops energy-efficient solutions. Since ghv no brand is bound to the consultation can be done independently. Only the best of the best, of course, always adapted to the budget of the client is selected.

Powerful Kleinststeuerungen and dynamic energy-efficient servo drives form the basis for positioning systems of the future. And this in many branches of industry. Awarded by smallest construction forms, simple, logical processes of control and diagnostic functions. ghv solutions consist of FP series, servo systems and specially tuned software with integrated control functions. It is important to solve more complex problems, is a motion-control library for a wide variety of applications available. With an excellent quality management equipped, this proves the certification according to ISO 9001-2008 and the recommendation to the DEKRA Award, can look with confidence to the future ghv.

Everything revolves around the customers. This award is industry-independent since 1999 for model introductions of management systems. ghv puts together as an independent supplier, customer solutions for drive and automation tasks. If necessary, selected products of the respective customer requirements can be modified accordingly. It should fit just about”. So Hubert Hausjell, the Managing Director of ghv drive technology. He has everything under control and always the latest trends at a glance. Our look outside the box reveals the market faster developments us. This knowledge about the market is the Foundation for us, the benefits of our work for the contracting authority to maximize.”the essence of a partnership between customer and supplier is tied not to a product but to a common goal”. As will be seen in ghv the relationship customer supplier and lived. ghv wants in the World of drive technology, warning and alarm systems, as well as in the LED machine luminaires world give always the best. Set milestones. Know where the road leads. So innovative, targeted solutions developed in the past 20 years. Ghv docking points offers expert advice in drive technology up to topics of energy efficiency in all business areas. ghv wants to be asked and is more in demand than ever. People stand behind all these services. The successes of your successes that have been achieved with these people are the driving force for the future. Brand-independent selection of the entire product range on the market, such as asynchronous motors with inverter, small geared motors, DC Brushless motors, servo systems, linear systems, controls for the movement automation is to warn reporting systems and LED machine luminaires, ghv possible.

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Alternative Healing Techniques

23 million pet animals live in German households, about 8 million Office Tiger, rabbit 6 million, 5 million dogs… Learn about treating pets with gentle healing methods in Germany increasing the number of domestic animals. No wonder almost 81% of German citizens describe themselves as very fond of animals”as the result of a representative survey on behalf of pharmacies look around. But woe isn’t well our animal, since the whole person is suffering! And so also the call for gentle medicine without side effects for our animals is growing louder. As well, animals benefit from alternative healing methods, it is the new Chief Advisor of the successful authors duo Neumayer/stark: medicine to painting III.

New homeopathy for animals. Case examples from the practice, how to effectively, smoothly and cost-effectively can handle his pets in a simple way. Naturopath Roswitha Stark: It is important that you look at animals holistically in the therapy. The new homeopathy relieves not only the symptoms, but it can also the real causes to FIX: the Guinea pig has a hay fever? The dog suffers from a food intolerance due to incorrect doses forage, or is the stables on a waterway? Can be tested by means of new homeopathy just such pathogenic factors.” But also who has benefited from the Advisor no four-legged friends at home: Learn how you gently move unwanted animal guests of mosquitoes to Marten. Who would like to learn more about this healing method, find more information at and

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United Kingdom

The terms show with a name (and not to a specific person) in the 123people tag cloud on the Internet on the most common related attributes. The term cloud is calculated from the classical search engines such as Yahoo and other search results 123people. -Myth 4: Checks will not, what together pfuschen by quite obviously ever search algorithm and swarm intelligence there profiles. … It dubious disseminated so long to false statements about a person, until it makes contact with 123people and provides all data correctly. 123people fact: 123people compiles any profiles, but displays a real time search results. This links to the original sources without saving the data. User can rectify as a result no data on 123people”.

A user individual, relevant links from 123people does not show him let, is this request by 123people in compliance with all terms applicable in Austria and privacy policy of course complied with. With 123people, any user can check his digital footprint easily and quickly. Thus, we make the important topic of eReputation management, so the active design of digital appearance, provided a democratic instrument. Russell Perry to get a big brother award, is absurd”, concludes. About 123people since February 2008, optimized people search on the Internet. 123people is the most popular and largest Internet Personensuchservice worldwide per month over 25 million visitors. is with over 1.7 million unique clients (MANOHAR September 2009) second-largest site in Austria. The startup company based in Vienna each user provides an online person search, with the simple fast, free, and reliable real-time information about themselves or about other people on the Internet finds. The search results are both from global,. as well as from country-specific, free Internet available data sources.

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