Rudolf Esch

“Guide at WOM marketing” the two editors Anne M. Schuller and Dr Torsten Schwarz have illuminated this current issue from all sides. Word-of-mouth marketing”is for the first time, 45 leading experts from the word-of-mouth world have” the magic word, including such luminaries as Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch and Prof. Dr.

Marcus Schogel, as well as Web 2.0 gurus such as Klaus corner and Dr. Martin Oetting teamed up to share their hints, tips and tricks for an effective offline and online-based referral marketing. Questions such as: what works? What has been proven? What are you do’s and dont’s? What is it in particular? are illuminated under realistic conditions. This involves including a recommendation focused positioning and the motivation of people who act as advocates, ambassadors, and referrers. A variety of methods, as well as a wealth of Campaign examples will be presented.

More topics: viral brand communications, online PR, social media marketing and controlling, reference marketing, reputation management, and mouth-oriented customer touch point management. The book consists of seven parts: strategic principles, milestones in the WOM, Word-of-mouth marketing on the Web, online recommendations and reviews, the practical implementation in the offline WOM, reputation controlling in the WMO, the implementation of the WMO.

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Customer Acquisition In The Future, XING, Facebook, Twitter & Co

Michael Kapp, agency owner of, expounds new customer acquisition on Thursday, 14 October, in the context of the GoodDays 2013 Anif/Salzburg, with social media? For many companies put these new advertising opportunities full of puzzles. It is much discussed opportunities and risks, but also many myths created. The Internet marketing specialist Michael Kapp of brings light into the darkness. In his presentation, customer acquisition, the future of XING, facebook, twitter & co”Kohlfurst conveys practical know-how about the main services, tools, and opportunities and threats of new communication channels. Consumers there to pick up where these are present more and more people are moving into social networks like XING, facebook and twitter. Over half a billion people are registered with facebook – currently the world’s trend is rising. For Michael Kapp the question is not therefore whether companies are dealing with social media, but rather how much and with what strategy. Companies must be present, where their target audience is.

About social communities, companies have the opportunity to establish a direct dialogue with customers and prospects and to attract new customer segments”, so Kohl Prince. Communication on the Internet is by now a two-way street. Customers share in social communities and review forums. Companies receive so feedback on their own activities, can this (re) Act and reputation management”, explains the expert. GoodDays on 14th and 15th October 2013 the take place in Basel for the first time: the highlight of the year for entrepreneurs. 12 high-quality presentations by national and international top speakers held in 48 hours. Inspiring ideas and creative solutions for your own company tasks are available. On Thursday, 14 October, networking and GoodDays Lounge Party will take place at 19:00. “Facts and figures of the lecture: customer acquisition, the future of XING, facebook, twitter & co” Lecturer: Michael Kapp, agency owner of PromoMasters.

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One Out Of Five Has Already Extract

xclusive survey of first names and career Bible of every fifth Onliner (18.2 percent) has announced the virtual friendship ever a friend. This is the result of a joint survey of the Personensuchmaschine first and the leading job log in the nationwide around 4,200 people have participated. See Peter Thiel for more details and insights. Frankfurt, Kerpen, 07 February 2011: The opportunities, to fall out of favor are numerous. Before all who computer viruses spread (79 percent) and it was only accidentally-, who is too intrusive (74 percent) in the social networks, sensitive information inadvertently passes (67 percent) or radical political opinions represents (60 percent), must expect, ENT immediately befriends to. But to also embarrassing images in the grid (43 percent), to have multiple online identities (26 percent) or to gloss over their own CV (20 percent), the friendship can cost one.

The majority of respondents said too, that you would be willing to forgive the person and this however back in the circle of friends to record but only under certain conditions: that requires every second (54 per cent) of the offenders, may promptly to correct his wrongdoing and to dispel any accusations before he himself became friends again. One in three (34 percent) is also a personal apology, 28 percent even a public. Every fourth respondent is merciless against virtual crime however. Whole 25.7 percent said: who once unzip befriends them, gets no second chance, ever again in the circle absorbed to be.About first names with the first search engine anyone can free Internet far right people key words such as company, profession, location, and all the information about one’s own or other people. Registered users can consolidate their information even with an own free Expose and actively present themselves to matching keyword in the search results. Yasni is with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for People search.

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We Are Reputation – Software Marketing

The ProviMedia GmbH goes online with a new page. A new claim, detailed product descriptions and a clearly arranged layout to determine the new appearance of the revised Web page The navigation consists of seven menu items, which describe in detail the Agency itself, as well as the services of ProviMedia GmbH. The ProviMedia GmbH with the ability to download product sheets and a blog, which is updated regularly with news offers more services. The Agency headquartered in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Baden-Wurttemberg exists since 2007 the company is run by the two shareholders Alexander Weipprecht and Dr. Karsten Bredemeier. Alexander Weipprecht operates for several years a webhosting service and advises numerous companies in the areas of online marketing, search engine optimization and planning of Web pages.

Dr. Karsten Bredemeier working trainer for managers and politicians in the German-speaking world since 1990 as rhetoric. He was also managing Shareholders of a large consultancy. The product range of the ProviMedia GmbH includes reputation management, which focuses on the optimisation of online reputation based on a specially developed evaluation system, also the programming of intra – and extranet solutions. 2.0 standards and the development of portal technologies and new distribution models include the advisory activities, the integration of web to the services provided by the Agency. Previous projects include among others the bonus and profit game portal Proviquest and the online marketer Proviads. As the search engine for communities named and the Agency wiki the already implemented concepts.

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The TechPilot marketplace can be helpful particularly as an early indicator be. Experienced users take advantage of him as an industry barometer, by they follow, if the number of calls increases or rather goes back. Actually penetrate the recessionary effects of the European debt crisis, it is worth for suppliers who are not yet on TechPilot, aiming for a premium membership. She will make sure that they get top positions on the hit list of the portal. A search engine optimization is also included: thus TechPilot found premium members at Google & co. far forward.

They have the nose in the race for jobs in the slowdown front. Excellent economic growth in tool and machine construction, however, continues, these are ideal conditions for contract manufacturer, to achieve growth goals. (As opposed to Naveen Selvadurai). But even those who do not want to expand, can use this peak period makes sense. Sattler is now critical to verify the customer and order portfolio, optimize margins, and to enter new lucrative supply relationships. Efficiency in all walks of economic growth, stagnation or Decline in orders: For buyers is crucial in any situation that the search for suppliers and offer management expire as efficiently as possible. The factories are busier, focuses mostly on the need to identify new sources of production. Here, buyers benefit database mainly by the huge volume of TechPilot.

With over 15,000 current and detailed records, it is the largest supplier database of the European supply industry. Highly specialized search capabilities match the requirements of buyers in detail with the profiles of the delivery partners and lead so quickly to a selection of appropriate providers. In case of an economic dent intensified the pressure on prices. Buyers are now even more required to find the ideal among many possible vendors. All queried available values for a comparison are presented clearly side by side on TechPilot. This representation allows it the operational purchasers in a very short time sound to decide. “Because the price is very important, but not the only critical size when comparing multiple quotes,” Sattler argued. It is important to be able to face all parameters at a glance. TechPilot under the name of TechPilot offers the DynamicMarkets GmbH, Munich since the year 2000 technical buyers online solutions for the supplier search and alert management. In addition to the marketplace the company created customized, cross-site supplier portals for the purchase of medium-sized companies. The Gretsch-Unitas group, Sprimag, Staubli, TRUMPF, Veritas, and WAFIOS belong to the users. With a pool of more than 15,000 active suppliers, is the leading marketplace for the manufacturing industry in Germany as well as in Europe. In German-speaking countries alone, more than 25,000 drawing parts of TechPilot are written out. The base version is free of charge. Press contact TechPilot – DynamicMarkets GmbH Frank Sattler Executive Director Martin-Luther-Strasse 2 81539 Munich phone: + 49 (089) 599 44 44 00 presse(at) Campaignery Petra Sanchez Agilolfingerplatz 9 81543 Munich Tel. + 49 (089) 61469093 techpilot(at)

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GmbH Mondorferstr

Process Lasso 4 per – workstation enables much faster to react now Windows 7. Pro workstation, Troisdorf/Knoxville TN, Bitsum technologies, a specialized manufacturer of Windows system and tuning software, has released the new version of its award winning Windows process management software, Process Lasso 4. 4 Process Lasso Pro workstation is one of the leading programs for the Windows process management and the Windows process tuning. This Process Lasso 4 monitors per workstation Windows background processes and their priority if necessary adjusts the foreground application more CPU power available to make. “Process Lasso 4 Pro can the Windows response standby increase significantly, to temporarily freeze” to prevent Windows. In addition to many new features such as: Process watchdog – monitors and makes it possible to terminate a process, to start or to change its CPU allocation, when certain thresholds of CPU and/or memory usage for a defined period of time be exceeded. Override the process settings processes by default excluded by ProBalance (including system processes) (CPU allocation, priority etc.).

New process communication technology for the communication between all instances of the core engine and the GUI. New ads column the restriction history and the current process status in the GUI. Graphical display of RAM usage in the GUI. All important process information as a balloon note. has been optimized per – workstation mainly for tuning Windows 7, using the latest Windows 7 functions, Process Lasso 4.

Nevertheless, the backward compatibility was retained until Windows 2000. Process Lasso 4 per – workstation is to get software Butler at immediately in the online platform for 23.50 euro. Note for editors and journalists: the datasheet of Process Lasso 4 Pro workstation is available in PDF format (PDF). More information, screen shots, box – and review versions can at dadagoo be requested. You will receive an overview of all major innovations in Process Lasso 4 Pro workstation via the German process Lasso Web page, at: process lasso_neue funktionen.html on Bitsum technologies-Bitsum technologies is a software manufacturer from Talbott, Tennessee, United States, with a focus on the development of Windows process management software for business and private customers. Process Lasso Pro enhances the Windows response standby and helps to extend the investment cycles for PCs and notebooks. Dadagoo, the dadagoo GmbH ( is an exclusive software distributor and operator of the software Butler software download shop platform. The software Butler brings interesting and exclusive software products from many important application areas at very attractive prices. After the purchase can be accessed on the products instantly via download. Innovative design elements and simple navigation allow on software Butler a unique shopping experience. Learn more about the software Butler under.

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Technical Translations Bigger

The renewable energy industry continues to grow the industry around renewable energy proves to be as a job engine for the technical sector. In 2009, about 340,000 in this area worked according to the Association of German engineers. The number of vacancies rose already in the previous year to 46%. Germany is one the world to export champions and without doubt the most innovative countries. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Naveen Selvadurai and gain more knowledge.. Technically flawless translations are needed to put the products in the target countries. Technical translations are more in demand than ever. B2B translation agency specializes in technical translations translations from Bruggen, and specialized software localization and can only confirm that steadily increasing demand for translations for the biogas sector, as well as translations for hydroelectric, wind and solar plants.

We have equipped us for the growing market “, explains engineer of Alexander Jacobs” and owner of B2B translations. Around 1200 professional translators, including more than 700 technical translators, working on a freelance basis as a master translator for the translation agency. Training and continuous quality control, B2B increases the quality and performance of your translators translations. Nothing should be left to chance, so the Executive Board. Not only the field of renewable energies is growing rapidly, the machine construction has to recover from his descent. Even the automobile industry, which was poorly represented in recent times, recovering from its descent and owes this amongst the increasing innovation in the field of plastics technology. Also here is research on environmentally friendly Aldi. Increasing demand in the Asian market for cars up to 5,000.

Plastics have replaced traditional long expensive materials. Also in the area of premium vehicles, plastics are employed like a combination with other materials. The new plastic materials are today high-quality than pure aluminium. Especially the technical properties of carbon fiber reinforced Plastics can absorb it with aluminum and steel. Visitors of the K 2010 could get an idea in Dusseldorf by the innovative new products. Conclusion: German companies boast eco-friendly innovations and bring slowly but surely out of the economic crisis. B2B translation e. K. Aynur Jacobs

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

From 23 to 26 January 2011 the keytech Software GmbH on the SolidWorks World in San Antonio, Texas, United States, the audience presented its product portfolio. Recklinghausen, 01.02.2011. The SolidWorks World 2011 took place this year in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, United States. In many events, SolidWorks and its solution partners presented their company and product innovations. Keytech also was represented with its own stand in the Partner Pavilion and with their PLM product and its further developments an interesting conversation partner for visitors from all over the world.

For over ten years, we come to the SolidWorks World, an event that combines many SolidWorks supporters and interested parties; for keytech a great opportunity to present themselves to an international audience. Also our customers in North America used the Conference to personal dialogue with us. The organisation of the programme were particularly noteworthy this year; overall a successful SolidWorks World. We will be in 2012 in San Diego again.” (Thomas Adamek, keytech Sales Manager). Existing customers, partners and interested parties accepted the invitation to visit on the keytech booth, and informed themselves about the range of functions of the current version R12.

The current version of keytech integrates the functionality of a professional ECM (enterprise content management) system. “Especially the topics merging of PLM and DMS (document management system), as well as E-Mail Management” moved the interest and were the subject of frequent discussion. Also the interfaces to the new SolidWorks version 2011 and other CAD programs presented the keytech employees at the Conference. The keytech version 12 is based on Microsoft .NET platform and offers many additional features also a new, modern interface. Just like SolidWorks familiar keytech on the so-called Ribbon technology, which allows an intuitive use of the system. The positive response of the Conference attendees was also the decision basis for the renewed participation of the SolidWorks World 2012 in San Diego (California, UNITED STATES). More information at. Keytech German manufacturer PLM (product lifecycle management) keytech Software GmbH was founded in 1993 by Reiner Heimsoth and Andreas Grotthuss and specializes in the optimization of business processes within the Produklebenszykluses. With over 1,000 successful implementations worldwide and more than 27 years of experience in software development is one of keytech to the PLM market leaders in the German-speaking world. KeyTech has offices in Germany and the United States. The business in North America will be further expanded in the coming years to support global customers. KeyTech accompanied its customers in the implementation of PLM-thoughts within the company and takes into account existing processes for the implementation. As a result even the keytech guiding principle: the entrepreneurial advantage for the customer is at the heart. As one of a few independent PLM vendors CATIA V5, inventor, offers keytech numerous interfaces to leading CAD programs such as SolidWorks, solid Edge, AutoCAD, EPLAN and others. Integrating ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an integral part of the project now in many implementations. The experience of keytech from numerous ERP linkages is the basis for a successful connection of the systems. The level of awareness of the Warentwirtschafts program is for multi-CAD PLM system of keytech irrelevant. So included in the past in addition to the markktfuhrernden systems such as ABAS, SAP, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, even lesser-known solutions such as BeoSys and Prodi. Early 2010 the product portfolio has expanded keytech a full document management system, which provides access to auditable data in real time across the Department.

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Director Rene Stich

May 2010 – the online shop Alpintech celebrates 2-year relaunch Fulpmes (Tirol), April 22, 2010 – preliminary has been several years in the Stubai Valley there where hiking and rock climbing are also geographically home the idea of the online shop born. To obtain this shop should allow sports and nature lovers in the German-speaking world, the mountain sporting goods produced in the Valley of the brand of Stubai”via the Internet. Almost two years ago took over ing may. (FH) Rene Stich and Eng. Hannes Mair the promising project and went online with a new shop design. Managing Director Rene Stich satisfied on two successful years looks back: the start-up phase is very positive. We could multiply the number of visitors on our site and in particular also the sales within a short time.

Outdoor and climbing is still in the trend, so we look forward to the next few years.” A building block is the continuous development of the product range to continue the success story. The famous have been recently “” “Brand Gasser Luge”, Exped”and Black Diamond” in the product selection with recorded. This Alpintech is not limited to the best-selling items, but also supposed edge product ranges such as BigWall-strives to offer products for its customers. So both hiking and nature lovers than even the most demanding alpinists find the right product to expedition participants”, so Hannes m. It is the Tyrolean young entrepreneurs also important, that all articles are tested by the team. So the customers can be discussed individually. In this sense the Alpintech team on the coming summer and promising innovations such as the mountain monk is winner of the brand new awards 2009 at the ispo. (ode /)

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On May 24, 2011, Udor textile management organizes the Symposium healthcare in the District Hospital of Regensburg. Nuremberg, 01 March 2011: The S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH all current products in the new catalogue presents 2011: there will be sensors, controllers, switches and sensors for building automation 2011 not only in the form of standard products and custom options and solutions detailed in the catalog are represented in extended versions. Innovative products that not only battery, but also maintenance work will be newly presented. The full catalogue is available either online or as pdf for download on the website of the Nuremberg company, or can be ordered there as printed version directly. The 2011 catalog is available in four languages. Which standard products, novelties and special models S + S REGELTECHNIK offered in 2011, is detailed in the new product catalogue 2011.

The catalog was completed just in time for the beginning of the year and is now available as the online catalog or as a print version available. The entire product range of the year 2011 will be presented in detail in the catalog: sensor, control, switches and sensors for the ranges of temperature, moisture and pressure in the building automation in all available versions and with exact specifications shown. In addition to the standard products, nearly all products also as special custom-made can be produced. 2011 introduces newly developed energy-saving solutions for the first time. These include among other things batteryless radio transmitter, wireless sensor and receiver based on the EnOcean technology and especially in building automation enable a beneficial as sustainable energy management. New will be presenting innovations of Raumbewegungs – brightness wireless sensor from the series KYMASGARD be equipped RBLF – FSE, with solar cells independently cover their energy needs and battery function. In addition, they are maintenance-free.

In addition, the user will receive detailed information about the company itself, to custom-made products and to the Fields of application and integration capabilities of the products. Product photos and precise drawings are faithfully depicted. In the online edition of the interested can save the entire catalog as a pdf file directly to your own media itself. Also a designers, electronic catalogue in the original layout is available on the website of the S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH, with the user especially quickly and easily to share without having to download the products.

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