On Sundays To The Christmas Shopping In The Department And That Closed Shops

“Kaufhaus Tyrol Innsbruck held on December 8th and 15th Smartphone shopping via QR-code: Speed4Trade mobile store platform and software-backend for showcase poster campaign provides old town, 12.12.2013: the Department store Tyrol in Innsbruck will be its title best shopping center in Europe” once more just: for the very special shopping experience department store transformed, on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of advent, in an innovative Smartphone shopping mall. Vorweihnachtlichem framework programme and open hospitality visitors take a colorful shopping along the with QR-code posters decorated shop Windows. The poster deals with particular products or vouchers come from dealers of the Kaufhaus Tyrol-based shops. Everything you need for the convenient window shopping, is a Smartphone with course bar code reader. It scans the visitor QR-code the chosen product and enters a Web shop that is optimized for mobile devices. Make the selection of the details as color or size and specify of the desired method of payment Finally the perfect shopping. Depending on the request, delivered to the mail order or can be picked up personally on workdays. A such exciting shopping event make possible cutting-edge technology and innovative software applications of Speed4Trade.

The smart eCommerce platform emMida integrates the mobile-enabled store Tyrol shop, it held, digital poster offers including QR-code recognition. The eCommerce software company headquartered in North-East Bavaria delivers the complete technical platform and software-side processing. The sale downstream order processing and shipping processing lies with the full service agency smartsale360. For the first time in the German-speaking world a such QR-code Sunday is offered in a department store shopping. “” The Department store Tyrol like classical trade point shows so impressively, point-of-sale and online trading via the Smartphone interface “profitably linked and outside the opening hours of the shop one another to fertilize” can.

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