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Berlin-based communication agency developed a new online service portal for solar module manufacturer Inventux Technology AG sales support Berlin, 06.04.2011. For the solar module manufacturer Inventux technologies AG, communications agency of SMACK communications today introduces an online service portal that makes tangible and practical about the involvement of competent specialist installers the premium solar systems of the Berlin company for the consumer in the context of a sales campaign. Clean energy is currently on everyone’s lips, but until now it was very difficult to buy a solar power system for end customers. And it was even more difficult to find a specific price and to find a suitable Solar Installer. “We now have this problem with partners of the Sun ‘ solved ‘, SMACK explains Managing Director and communications strategist Martin Bruss the strategy behind this project.

Partners of the Sun”is an online service portal via the end customers under with just a few steps to a Solar Installer in your area contact get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to ensure optimal service quality in any time of day or night, all processes are monitored and controlled centrally via a proprietary CRM-cockpit. “New to the solar industry is also, that Inventux via the online portal partners of the Sun” offers complete packages for solar systems. The solar market is becoming increasingly from a specialist store a normal ‘ consumer market. “For us it was a logical consequence of early access to this evolving communication and information needs and to contribute to increase the market and price transparency”, Regula Bathelt, SMACK Communications Manager explains. SMACK communications developed for the customer Inventux technologies AG therefore an integrated sales and communication strategy under the umbrella of the brand partner of the Sun”, for the competent specialists as partners of the Sun were selected through a nationwide Roadshow. The focus of the campaign is in digital communication, which can ensure a nationwide targeting. In addition to the implementation of the online service platform also an online commercial with specially composed the Sun partner are “song, as well as various social media activities in the focus of the communication activities.

In addition, currently accompanying print measures are in terms of direct marketing tools and ad in the implementation. SMACK Communications GmbH SMACK Communications GmbH is an owner-managed communications agency that is specialized on strategic brand management and belongs to the pioneers of integrated communications. With the SMACK fire balance method develops the Berlin Agency for over 13 years of successfully differentiated marketing strategies and creative solutions for dynamic and innovative company. SMACK communications has extensive experience in the fields of energy, real estate, healthcare, IT, automotive and telecommunications. Current customers are AGAPLESION, IFM Immobilien, Inventux solar technologies, clean Energy u.v.m. More information: Regula Bathelt / Management Board SMACK Communications GmbH Wall Street 16, 10179 Berlin T + 49 (0) 30-789 02 100 F + 49 (0) 30-789 02-101

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On The Way To The Market Domination

Richard Gutjahr Media Forum of Mittweida 2010 about monopolization of the brands staff of the editor-in-Chief of Bavarian television, reporter for ARD, Blogger and host of late Edition of RB-Rundschau: with Richard Gutjahr organizers cancel the 14th Media Forum Mittweida by on 11-13 October 2010 on the campus of the University of Mittweida after Peter Kloeppel, Barbara Dane and Volker Herres a further high-profile speakers to. The multimedia journalist gained international media attention when he reported in early April this year online live from the launch of the iPad in New York and surprising was the world’s first iPad owner. Within the framework of Germany’s largest student organized media Congress Gutjahr will give a lecture on the topic of “Monopolization at all costs – Apple, Google, Facebook and co.” Original and above all faster than the competition conditions, which is to meet it, are always better when a company aimed at the domination of a market. Clever marketing and new developments contribute to the ever-growing Success at. So market share such as 85 percent of Google Inc. with regard to search engines, or 92 percent of Microsoft in the area of PC operating systems for emerging competitors appear impregnable. But what means and methods take advantage of successful companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook? How do they influence the consumer in these ways? And what dangers resulting from such monopoly positions for the customers? Richard Gutjahr graduated from the Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich and studied politics and communication studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat. His internship took him to France and in the United States, where he wrote for newspapers and reported for CNN.

He was awarded the Ernst-Schneider Award for outstanding business journalism for his series of reports on the Hartz reforms. The multimedia journalist gained international media attention when he reported in early April this year online live from the launch of the iPad in New York and surprising was the world’s first iPad owner. In the course of his career very own experience with monopoly Gutjahr. In addition to his professional activities, he operates a private Web log. There, he recently expressed his Umnut about the “arrogance of a monopolist,” with press inquiries are handled by Deutsche Post in a post about the new “E-letters”. In another post titled “Google AdSense”, it is the much-discussed question: “Where does censorship?” Jan Holubek of Mittweida Media Forum 2010 took these personal experiences as an opportunity to question Richard Gutjahr in a first interview, inter alia to opportunities and threats of a monopoly. Gutjahr it holds: even in times of change it is important to prove courage and entrepreneurial spirit in the original sense.

Apple, Microsoft and Google have done. A (temporary) monopoly can help faster to achieve necessary change.” The full interview can be found on. “The media forum Mittweida under the slogan about extraordinary” are at the “” “” “this year’s Media Forum Mittweida from 11 to 13 October 2010 topics relationship boxes”, mirror image”power games”, pie in the sky”and springboard” discussed in discussions, lectures and workshops and discussed. In addition, the organizers offer a varied programme for guests and speakers. For more information about topics, speakers, organizers and day planning of Mittweida 2010 Media Forum, visit the event Web site at. Contact Media Forum Mittweida 2010 c/o Hochschule Mittweida University of applied sciences technology to position 17 D-09648 Mittweida team management press: Ina Heinrich Tel.: 03727 – 58 11 23 Mobile: 0173-92 77 787

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Production and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders can be divided into several steps, each of which takes from 1 to 3 days. Production of hydraulic cylinders made within ten days. At the initial stage production of the hydraulic cylinder customer submits a special request for the manufacture of the hydraulic cylinder which indicates the required parameters, and of course their own wishes. We in turn take the request for manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and start designing a new product using cad software. Of the projected three-dimensional model of the hydraulic cylinder makes and sent to you for approval. Consider our project customer accepts or rejects the request for production of hydraulic cylinder. Upon completion of agreement on basic formalities customer paid in advance for the production of hydraulic cylinders.

In the next stage manufacture of hydraulic cylinders made some drawings of all parts of the product. According to these drawings begin production of the hydraulic cylinder and its parts. All operations for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and parts made on a special high-accuracy equipment. Each individual part is manufactured in strict accordance to drawings. The last step of the production of hydraulic cylinder assembly of all parts produced in a single reliable product. Thanks to high-precision manufacturing of parts, assemblies fit the hydraulic cylinder takes very little effort and energy. After assembly, the production of hydraulic cylinder completed the final test on a special stand in special circumstances.

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Women And Men With Sneakerbegeisterung At Purchaze

A shoe world inspires not only the men, but knows a lot to offer also the ladies. You look at once more the clothing of passers-by on the streets, so they quickly realizes that sneaker no longer are by the present streetscape. They adapt easily to any outfit perfectly and provide a colorful spectacle at the feet of the population. True explosions of colour spill on substrates held mostly in black or white. Correctly applied the man or woman also can conjure a chic combination of various textiles. Where were interested in mostly the men for the trendy shoes, there are too many ladies who discover the Sneakerwelt itself at the present time. So it is not surprising that Nike developed customized models with some of his collections directly to the women’s feet, which are now very popular. Because the foot of women is narrower than when the opposite sex, it may cause dressed man shoes that offers up too much room and thus a support is impossible.

Colour one opts for pink, purple, red or used Flash neon accents, which are right in the eye. Nike separates the woman models named WMNS from the men. In the category of Nike WMNS Air Max 1 and Nike are WMNS Air Max 90 to find a range of women’s shoes. Together with the right technology, wants some people no longer put his shoe even after lengthy marches and stays true to the carpets in the leisure. With many new releases will Nike make perfect everything with designs for men and women and grabs with latest technology as well as trend colours in the developments.

On there is to discover a number of local variants which differ in shape and color. Special versions bring originals of the daylight and revive classics. Whether large or small feet, Nike promises to offer the appropriate sneaker for each shoe size. Under you can be under a variety of shoes an overview Sneaker and experience with the constant change in the world of shoe by Nike. Press contact: Peter Zanter telephone: 04941 – 94 99 874 email: Dietrich’s fields str. 17 26607 Aurich

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The Marler

Because when the temperatures rise, the load for refrigeration rises within data centers and server rooms. After a failure they must act quickly and effectively in large and complex projects.” When in the summer the cooling system fails, it can be hot not only unpleasant but also unpleasantly expensive expensive consequences. Because already short term losses caused by overheated computer can lead to data loss and thus to considerable economic damage. Therefore, any company on such emergency situations should be prepared. Resulting deficits can be compensated not by hand you should rent air conditioning, to ensure the security of the computer. The special cooling systems by carrier rental systems very accurately regulate temperatures in data centers. It is whether it comes in the short term to elevated temperatures or the performance of existing refrigeration equipment is not sufficient. The Marler company able to prevent failures due to overheated computer is so and to absorb peak loads in case of emergency.

Company portrait: Carrier rental systems operates worldwide in the field of mobile rental installations in the refrigeration and air conditioning and is within Germany of one of the market leaders. The company serves a variety of customers from various sectors and industries. The range of rental solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning technology consist of a comprehensive service package that includes a complete draft in advance of the installation as the specification of the equipment. Carrier rental systems is a core part of the carrier group, an company of United Technologies (UTC). Contact: Carrier rental systems Germany GmbH Dummerweg 202 45772 marl Tel.: +49(0)2365-606 96-50 fax: +49(0)2365-606 96-66

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With Your Private Phone In The Company

The security risk to the efficiency booster BYOD, your own device that new communication behavior storms bring companies. Business, more and more employees use their private smartphones and tablets. You are true booster of efficiency for the company. But caution the vulnerability is enormous. For Smartphone and Tablet designed for private use, therefore they lack important business functions, such as the reliable protection of sensitive corporate data. Additional challenge for companies is adherence to data protection regulations when devices that mix of private and business data, apps and other applications. The Mannheimer Morgen Publishing House has recognized the opportunities and armed themselves against the risks. Mobile device management is the solution that was implemented jointly with the IT system House CEMA, short.

MDM MDM can integrated into the enterprise IT solution or retrieve as IT service. This special feature: Business data and applications within an isolated and secured several times Digital container in the data center. For us, the separation is private work perfect. Provides maximum security and makes it easier to comply with the data protection regulations and compliance requirements”, says Michael Taeger, Deputy Head of it at the Mannheimer tomorrow. The company does not have access to the private area of the user, but retains full control over the business segment. Another advantage: Taegers team needs not the whole device, but only the business sector to manage. From a distance it can to enable functions such as storing attachments and lock or delete even the device in case of emergency. The administration effort is extremely low, the acceptance of the users, however, enormously high”, so the content summary in the Mannheimer Morgen. Contact:, Tel: 0621 33980

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Fair Better Hearing – Many Networked

Inter audio presents hearing crisp with extended wireless accessories all in the characters of networked better listening is inter tone this year’s appearance at the 58th international Congress of the European Union of the Acousticians (EUHA) in Nuremberg (16th to 18th October). In addition to the two families of hearing Interton inter sound and crisp share, which last but not least score their excellent price-performance ratio, presented the manufacturers an attractive extension of its wireless accessories on the basis of the 2012 introduced 2.4 GHz wireless technology: now stands for hearing crisp the inter sound mini microphone available. Without cable and annoying neck loops, it transmits speech and audio signals directly into the hearing. In acoustically challenging situations, users can follow the action much better. In the center of our year’s presence the hearing system family Interton crisp is including an extended portfolio of radio components”, as Dieter Fricke, Director of Audiology of the GN Hearing GmbH. very attractive solution in the middle price segment has crisp successfully on the market proved.

Also proven hearing connections using 2.4 GHz wireless technology, have as introducing inter sound as one of the first manufacturers in the German market last year. Without wires, the carrier of the inter sound crisp can received the tone of TV, telephone and stereo system in excellent quality directly in the ear and with a small remote control. With the inter sound mini microphone an attractive addition to Audiology now comes to the already established entertainment accessories.” Small, discreet and easy-to-manage, crisp offers also reliable directional hearing, a very good sound and modern comfort in addition to excellent speech understanding. In a noisy environment, the system highlights the voice of the speaker by means of Direktionalitatsoptionen. A noise reduction filters background noise without affecting the voice signal. The feedback Manager plus as well as the integrated Feedback guard prevent unpleasant feedback whistling, before it can even develop.

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