Distance Learning Course

It is through the possibility of learning online which involved a set of technologies and was named, “Technology Distance learning through computer telecommunications.” Commonplace forms of distance learning as a virtual school, distance courses itp Virtual school – educational institution in which teaching and learning process is carried out via the Internet. Material for training courses in a virtual school are presented in electronic format and uploaded to the website so way that authenticated students could use them. These materials generally include the texts of lectures on the subject, interactive tests and training simulators, dictionaries, etc. After reading the materials, virtual lesson, the student performs a series of tasks, which automatically scans the system, with the scoring.

Learner can interact with the network of teachers, advising on subjects. Networking Teachers can also monitor and evaluate the student’s knowledge, communicating with him via e-mail, by phone, online or through other technical means of communication. Certification of students throughout the course usually takes the form of the exam (full-time or distance). Distance Learning Course – a special, based on the use of modern information technology, the presentation of course content. Distance Learning Course is a basic element for constructing training using distance learning technology With the help of the Internet – technologies, the following forms of study: Chat sessions, training sessions, carried out with using chat technology. Chat sessions are held simultaneously, that is, all participants have simultaneous access to chatu.V within many remote university operates a chat school in kotoroys using chat rooms organized by the interaction of teachers and students.

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Economic Value Of Man

The economic value of the work of a man is determined, in a free market, by a single factor: the voluntary consent of those with the intention of trading with him in exchange for their products or their work. Ayn Rand Introduccion characteristics of current trade scenarios require that companies be more identified with modern topics of markets, with knowledge, basic tools to ensure that markets function this line with new features that should play and give security, that not only will stay conquered markets, but the possibility of winning others. Here then, the importance of locating in the modern role of the management of markets, in the studies to be performed in order to provide all the information required to provide for the management of production that currently consumers are suing, products that require all their attributes. Be aware of all the actors involved from the general management, marketing and production advantages and scope of the market study, which represents for the production, their management processes, administrative systems and action plans that derive from this. Key words: actors, scenario, systems, users, processes, plans, actions, strategies, advantages. Considerations General, basic proactive reality of current trade scenarios show the success achieved by those companies to participate in this and signaling with their products, services as there is a genuine integration in the market research with production, very negative aspect in the organizational culture of the Venezuelan entrepreneur system, especially in their SMEs that leaves much to say about that. You must give way to a new business management where is linked more to markets with production, determine the scope that this represents and which generates such bonding companies that achieve a proper Alliance, linkage between production and markets, guarantee products, favorable services to empathize in the current markets and ensure success, staying in them. The advantages of the market to the quality management study are mixed with an extensive range of options which invites us to the constant creation of new business strategies.

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