Telescope Domestic

Some telescopes are manufactured exclusively for the observatories are designed to observe celestial bodies for scientific purposes. Amateur astronomers telescopes themselves become simpler. Range of observation devices much smaller in size, many of them are comparable with binoculars. Such telescopes, of course, are not able to fix the valuable changes in terms of science, but they, nevertheless, will tell you more about the night sky than normal to the naked eye. If you are interested in astronomy, like watching the heavenly bodies, want to learn more about our neighbors – such as the Moon, Mars or Venus – but not yet ready to spend on amateur research serious physical facilities, you have a way out.

Mount the telescope with his own hands! Make a telescope at home, quite simply, if you know how it works and the device. There are two types of telescopes: reflector and refractor. Self-creation of the reflector is quite possible, however, is quite a laborious process. Therefore, we will focus on your refractor. We need two magnifying glass and two rigid tubes of different diameters. Handsets can wring out of ordinary cardboard or drawing paper.

One of the lenses will be placed at the very end of the telescope, its diameter should be about 70 mm., The power – 1 diopter. This is – so-called lens. The lens will collect images of objects that we need in the sky. The second lens – it may be common magnifying glass of magnifying glass – will be our eyepiece – it will zoom in up to We need size. Its diameter should be 30 mm. The eyepiece is placed directly before the eye of the observer, followed by the lens. Smaller diameter pipe is inserted into the pipe of larger diameter. In the lower part of the eyepiece in large – the lens. Focusing the image is provided by changing the distance between the two lenses. This simple device will have sufficient magnification to ensure that you have the opportunity to more closely watch the closest planets, solar system, as well as several deepen their knowledge about the sky.

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Bath Enamelling

Peeling bathrooms are a national disease. The solution to this problem, in principle, there is a long time – restore the enamel coating. What is the technology of such works? If the enamel was rough, there were chips and cracks, color not white, red and muddy, then a bath is quite possible to breathe new life, otemalirovav it again. If we are talking about cracks and deformation of the body tub, how to drain the site or do not match the size of new pipes with old drain hole – means that the bath should be changed completely. Enamelling old bath will be much cheaper than buying new. After all, it requires only buy to cover enamel bath for a maximum of 300 rubles. Work wizard and in the restoration of the old baths, and when a new will cost about the same. In addition to install a new bathroom, it must first buy and bring back, then break down the old plant, which will inevitably lead to a replacement of tiles, pipes and other additional costs.

Of course, the industrial process of enamelling is different from "home". In the production of cast-iron bath heated red hot and on the inner surface evenly sprayed powder. Under the influence of temperature it melts and spreads, turning into the enamel. But the production had already served their enamelling legitimate 15 – 20 years, and cast iron body bath – yet. So throw it just pathetic. It may indeed be reasonable to cover it with a new enamel? To date, there are three "home" enamelling bath. 1. Is to purchase the enamel applied by brush her own.

2. You can access the services of professionals (meaning the same method of applying enamel with a brush). 3. You can find companies that cause enamel spray. But before we look at each of these options, you need to say a few words about key stages of enamelling baths, because for all three cases they are identical.

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Top Trends For 2010

Trends in Fashion and Life style for 2010. No you can not miss those! The Trend Hunter again gives us the 20 most important trends are forecast for 2010. Art Rental and Auto Service, Neon Fashion, urban brands are some of the trends you see in the future landscape of the wild and accelerated modern life. 20. Customization material “Last year we saw the customization into the realm of the physical and custom dolls, custom clothing and jewelry. This year, the credit crunch is accelerating this trend, with a displacement of luxury goods in exchange for a desire for personalized gifts. 19.

Advance Self – Thinking of companies that each left free to their clients to meet their own. From pubs and bars serving their own beer at self-service hotels, self-service not only saves companies money, but also allows customers to get a sense of independence and creative control. 18. Peacocking “bragging” – very colorful clothes live, accessories and cosmetics are all basic elements of a movement of neon light that counteracts the dark side of the recession. The “bragging” celebrates so vibrant, is bold in color and trend in fashion shows that do not need designer labels to scream, “Look!”.

17 Culture Luxury Rental-rent, clothes, toys, and fine arts are just some examples of the evolution toward a culture of rent. Rentals only began to appear again in 2008, but the food recession a step towards temporary ownership, status witch false and exchange. 16. Middle Formal jackets, shorts, jackets with jeans and dresses semi … Young professionals are living in an informal activity, adding a formal touch combining it with casual style. 15. Couples of the next generation and were more likely to live together generations of the past … The credit crisis has accelerated the trend, boosting demand for products, matching tattoos, Fashion shared and home decor in common. 14. It is hard to be demanding “Years ago, we have seen imported foods such as tofu go from being an exotic import to a mainstream product. Now, we are seeing a proliferation of food products that are tailored to the unique needs such as gluten and vegetarian food is no longer difficult, be demanding. 13. HTM (DIY) City health – Be prepared to welcome a new era of health care to the size of the palm of your hand, and clocks detection monitors that detect Stress and fertility. With the public health care remains a major problem, consumers are seeking ways to ensure their own physical well-being, without the need of a medical professional. 12. Nostalgia-Marketing Jewelry storybook monster drawings, and photo shoots of Alice in Wonderland, The Storybook feeling has taken hold of consumers seeking to escape economic problems and seek refuge in the ghosts of his past, which generated interest in everything from “Where The Wild Things Are ‘to’ Alice in Wonderland ‘. 11. Campaigns years Crusades-generated ads consumers were all the rage. This year, with the participation of his client means. examples include billboards, shop windows, and even television commercials. 10. Vulnerability Exposed – Social networks have redefined our access to personal life icons, celebrities and friends. Carrying this to the next level of reality, we are seeing everything from childbirth tweeting the stars to the photo exhibition in embarrassing moments. Do not miss the second half and the most important trends that will be.

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Book Example

Ex Decide if the area of a paper is greater, equal or less after a piece of paper cut into strips Classify or group objects, shapes, numbers, words and ideas as common property, make the right decisions regarding the membership of a class, order numbers and objects by their attributes. Example: Select the triangles of a set of geometric figures of various shapes and numbers of sides. Represent numbers using models, data represent mathematical information in charts, tables, charts, graphs, generate equivalent representations of a given entity or mathematical relationship. Example: Shade areas of figures to represent given fractions. Example: Mary read 29 pages of a book.

If the book has 87 pages, in the equation 87 – __ = 29, the blank contains the number of pages that are read. Invent another situation for which this equation would be better. Distinguishing questions that may arise with information given, such a data set, those that can not be raised as well. Example: Given a graph, select from a set of those questions for which answers can be obtained with the graphic. III.

COMMON TROUBLESHOOTING Schoolchildren must educate them to recognize that mathematics is a great achievement of mankind and to appreciate nature. However, the mathematical knowledge itself is probably not the most impressive reason for the universal inclusion of mathematics in school curricula. One of the primary reasons to include knowledge of mathematics is that effectiveness as a citizen and job success are much improved by knowing and, what is more importantly, to use mathematics.

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Marriage Proposal

Today it is very often a marriage proposal is: 'Let's get married' or 'moved me. " And no romance. But this is a special move and as we would like to remember this moment all my life. We have compiled for you 44 romantic way as to make an offer. Even though they can use to simply make your loved one a surprise. All at your fingertips! 1. Do it the old fashioned way: Stand on one knee with a rose in his teeth and a ring in hand. 2.

Agree with the waiter that he brought her favorite dessert with the ring inside. (Be careful that it does not swallow it). 3. Invite her to the theater and ask the administrator to allow you to go on stage and do sentence immediately after the performance. 4. Appeared in her office in the middle of the day with a red rose, a champagne bottle and glass, in which place the ring. 5.

Write with chalk on the street beneath her window: '(name of a girl)! You marry me? " 6. Call the local radio station and ask them to voice your offer to live at a time when you will know that she / he hears. Dedicate her a song. 7. Gather all your friends and the whole family together in some cafe, restaurant or at home, and offer your hand and heart. 8. Gather your friends and their relatives around her house and hand them signs saying: "You marry me?" Stand up themselves in front of all on one knee, holding a the hands of the ring.

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