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Partial discharges are generated in the insulation system of stator of rotating machines, where the local electric field strength exceeds break value. The measurement of partial discharges in rotating machinery can be made online (i.e. during normal operation with load or idle) or offline (i.e. during the machine stop, energizing each winding one after another). Insulation materials used in rotating machines are resistant to a certain level of partial discharge.

Therefore, in normal operating conditions a lot of pulses of discharge partially in each of the phases might expect. However, certain partial discharges can be indicative of defects in aging in isolation or damage to the structure of the winding: loose coils or damaged semiconductor coatings can give rise to partial discharges in slots; the hollows in the insulation or delamination may create internal partial discharges; moisture or contamination of the wound superficial partial discharges will be created. There are several different sources of partial discharges simultaneously activated in the stator winding insulation. Therefore, the key to the correct measurement of partial discharges in the stator windings is the separation of sources of partial discharges which are active in parallel and the distinction between harmful partial discharges, cases of normal partial discharges and noise outside, inevitably present in the industrial environment. Engineers commonly used nowadays digital partial discharge measurement system MPD 600 system synchronous multi-channel. It works with three or more channels synchronized to separate sources of internal partial discharges between itself and also to separate signal from noise, and individually assesses each source of partial discharges in the stator winding.

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Download Free Games

Today we are facing a highly competitive market in video games which your expansion is getting bigger, improving their graphic features, gameplay, puzzles with a greater degree of difficulty, among many others. But we must sadly admit that everything comes to a stop, come moments in which we just want something simple without many complications that will allow us to keep us entertained and without much effort. For this reason and many reasons most is that born free games which do not provide simple fun, or I will say that not have fun with the plumber Mario Bross in his Nintendo or SEGA Sonic console, all of these games were and will be true classics that we will never forget, reasons for which have been adapted to different emulators in order to reach our computers for free. This does not mean that the free gaming market has stopped, increasingly grows more and these joins private companies which launch excellent games as for example VALVE that has finished making public his Alien game Swarm making it in a totally free version under the platform of STEAM or CrossFire a shooting game free with nothing to envy to successors such as Counter Strike, or strategy games such as Bos Wars which combines the excitement of three games in one Warcraft, Age of Empires, and Command & Conquer. It must also comment that many of these consume fewer resources on our computers having the possibility of reaching many more sites offering excellent fun. Here you can find many more free games as well as their respective information downloads, tricks and among other things. We invite you to subscribe and be able to try a completely different fun.

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Download Free Books

Today’s post comes in response to a comment that have left us yesterday on the blog. Does Lorenzo asked us if the Tebros Tablet Android 2.3-10, 2 kit? allows you to read electronic books. The answer is that Yes, we can use the Tablet as an Ebook Reader. We only need to download books to read books. In addition you can configure the font, the color of the background size (we recommend sepia tones) and the brightness of the screen to enjoy an excellent reading experience. There are several Android apps available in the Android Market, you can download form free of charge. Below we present the most popular: this application often comes pre-installed in the Tablets Android. But, you can download the Android Market books looking for Aldiko Book Reader.

It allows us to read books in pdf and epub format, without doubt the best format to read electronic books. With this application you can access a large catalog of books, some free and others for payment, though most are in English. A better option is to download the books we want to read. The best thing is to find them in epub format. and are two web sites where we can find free and legal books to download free books in this format. Kindle for Android is the best application for reading volumes purchased in the Amazon store. Lets you browse in the shop of Kindle and choose from more than 1,000,000 books, including new publications, Best Sellers and free classics. The largest part of the free content is in English, but there are many interesting titles in Spanish, which we also find on websites like and

It must be borne in mind that the Kindle for Android only works with ebooks in the store (in .mobi format), by what we can not take this application to read other than the Amazon eBooks. Its interface is very simple and focused to make the reading easier. This eBook reader has a wide compatibility with eBook formats, and can open a large variety of text files (EPUB, txt, html, fb2, umb, chm and zip), but does not read PDF. It has a catalog of free books and in pretty good Spanish. It has 10 different themes display, many settings for fonts and many more options to make our unique reading.

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